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So it seems everyone wants to undo Harper’s move to prorogue parliament, and the answer… Join a Facebook group.

I have two problems with this.

1) Are we really “Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament?” I’m not (that’s actually why I didn’t join the group). Prorogation has a specific use in Canadian democracy, but this isn’t it. Harper is using this little used bit of Canadian law to get his way.

Brief intermission to apologize for the following language. Sorry.

2) What the fuck is this going to do? What the fuck will a demonstration do? What the fuck will writing to the PMO do? What the fuck will writing to your MP do?

No, seriously, those are all questions that I want to know the answers to. Please tell me.

But boys and girls, there’s a stronger question that’s begging to be asked here. What can we do? I want to know, and I want to do it.

  • I want to prevent this douchewad from returning to 24 Sussex.
  • I want to find a way to ensure that someone else forms government.
  • I want the Liberal Party of Canada to find a new, electable leader for the party.
  • I want the New Democratic Party to find a new electable leader.
  • I want Canadians to see that an economist might make sense as a Prime Minister on paper, but when the reality is the largest deficit in Canadian history, we have to do something about it.
  • I want Canadians to shout that KNOWINGLY handing prisoners over to a government who commit abuse is wrong.
  • I want Canada to return to a place of respect in the world.
  • I want Canadians to know their Government has treated their own appointed accountability with contempt.

So, please, tell me what we can do. I want to do it.

Prorogation Part II

Today marked the second December in as many years in which the Head of Government has asked the defacto Head of State to prorogue Parliament. This wouldn’t be a problem if there was a practical purpose to end the session early, however, in both cases the Right Honourable Prime Minister has used this little-used Parliamentary tradition to serve his singular purpose.

Last year, Her Excellency, the Governor General prorogued parliament on the advice of her Prime Minister to prevent an election or a coalition government forming. This year, Madame Jean had a precedence set, if he asks, she must grant; what happened to the oversight of the Crown? What’s the purpose of this prorogation? An outsider would just assume that the government was done its job for the session. However, the government had over 30 bills sitting, waiting to be debated and voted on.

Some speculate it’s to prevent any negative news during the Vancouver Olympics. Some suggest that it’s to delay any investigations into abuse and torture allegations in Afghanistan. Some think it will allow Mr. Harper to appoint another five Conservative senators and then shuffle the committees to be more blue-friendly.

None of these are in the spirit of what prorogation is meant for, none of these are anything less than self-serving options. How about a bill specifying reasons in which a government can prorogue parliament. The NDP/Liberals/Bloc have the majority of seats. Would this not be easy enough to pass through Parliament and the Senate? Oh wait, you can’t pass any legislation when Parliament is not in session.

Mich√§elle, remember why you’re the one in the throne, you’re the one representing Her Majesty.

All hail, King Adam I?