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NXNE Part 1: Mike O’Neill

Mike O'Neill

I was surprised by a friend when she handed me two North By Northeast wristbands. I promptly started scouring the NXNE schedule, these are the stories.

Mike O’Neill

14 June 2013, 10pm

The Great Hall

Mike O'Neill

Mike O’Neill doesn’t play Toronto often. I don’t think he plays all that often, period. Mike O’Neill was, once upon a time, the bass player and songwriter for The Inbreds. The Inbreds were signed to Sloan’s Murderecords record label in the 1990s. Since then, over the past 13 years, O’Neill has released three solo records.

Mike O'Neill

Celebrating the release of a new book released by Sloan about the 7″ singles released by Murderecords, Mike O’Neill opened the show. Shining as always was O’Neill’s uncanny ability to write infectious pop songs and a charming smile that seemed to melt the hearts of all the girls. He opened with the pop song “Henry” and only got better with “Don’t Forget to Breathe.” He continued with “One Pair of Shoes” one of O’Neill’s most beautiful songs.

Mike O'Neill

O’Neill also played his most famous song. In 2001, Neko Case released an EP on vinyl only which featured some traditional songs and some songs by Canadian songwriters. For Canadian Amp, Case chose such songs as Neil Young’s “Dreamin’ Man,” “Knock Loud” by Sook-Yin Lee, and opened the album with Mike O’Neill’s beautiful song “Andy.”

Mike O'Neill

Backing O’Neill were the powerhouse trio of Chris Murphy of Sloan on drums, Matt Murphy of The Flashing Lights on guitar, and Charles Austin of The Super Friendz on bass and guitar.

Charles Austin


  1. Henry
  2. Don’t Forget To Breathe
  3. One Pair of Shoes
  4. Colin
  5. This Is Who I Am
  6. Andy
  7. Wasted Time
  8. Alsatian

Matt Murphy

Mike O’Neill @ Soundscapes

One of the disadvantages to going to a small show, without a stage, where you can see the set list, is the disappointment when Mike O’Neill doesn’t play “Andy” or “Camera Shy,” two of your favourite songs from his debut solo record What Happens Now? He did play “Alsatian” and “Are We Waiting,” however, so better than nothing.

Mike O’Neill might be known to many of you as the bass player/songwriter from the bass and drum combo The Inbreds. Since the Inbreds break in the late ’90s, O’Neill has spent most of his time working in film, but he has released three records, What Happens Now?, The Owl, and Wild Lines. You might also recognize him from his role in Trailer Park Boys as Thomas Collins, if you watched that show.

Most of the songs O’Neill did play are from his new record Wild Lines. I think my favourite of the new record’s songs is “This Is Who I Am” which the band did a great job of. O’Neill was backed by The Pinecones, which makes perfect sense, as both bands have been making music in the style of McCartney for some time. Both bands have been known to cover McCartney songs, too1.

I’m sitting in a middle of a seminar, learning how to use some tools in XCode, and it’s distracting, so I’ll call it a day here, and put in dates for upcoming shows.

Mike O’Neill will be playing again on Tuesday March 20, 2012 at 11pm at The Horseshoe Tavern. The show is free.

The Inbreds will be playing during Canadian Music Fest on Saturday March 24, 2012 at midnight at Lee’s Palace. The show is $17.50.

  1. O’Neill will play “Junk,” and The Pinecones play “Monkberry Moon Delight.” []

Another Day


I woke up this morning, it was around 3:30. I didn’t want to wake up that early but I did. So I put on my GSD1 hat.

I waited around until it was a reasonable time, and then I headed to the Passport Canada office in Scarborough2. After waiting way too long, they processed my paperwork, and OH YEAH! I’ll be getting a passport.

Apple Connect 2012

From there, I went up to Steeles and joined Apple Connect 2012 after the opening talk. I don’t really know what I missed, but oh well. What I do know I missed was breakfast, and after having lunch and dinner there… OH MY GOD! I was expecting shitty sandwiches and that kind of stuff like at other Apple events I’ve been to… but no, they’re pulling out all the bloody stops3!

The sessions I did go to were thus:

Apple Environmental Footprint
There was nothing else going on at that time, and my god was this a bloody boring speech. I really don’t care what Apple’s footprint is. It was long, boring, and *YAWN*.

Lion: Where is my server?
The title made me think of this. This was a discussion mostly of where to find pieces of Lion Server that aren’t preinstalled like it used to be. The vast majority of this was pointing us to the binary for MySQL or how to enable FTP on a server4. Those things weren’t that interesting, what was were the items that he had to take out of his presentation, because since the release of 10.7.0 and the release of 10.7.3, it is not easy, and builtin.

Lion Open Directory Update
Open Directory is an authentication protocol which Macs can use to authenticate to a server. It’s a decent system, has some advantages, though, honestly it would probably be more accessible to use Active Directory, but I do not. The presenter was a programmer for the OD services. Apparently the rewrote it from the ground up and she gave a very technical and detailed examination of the services. It was interesting, but barely useful.

Certificates and PKI: Concepts and Lab
This was my favourite of the talks, mostly because of Arek Dreyer.  He is very animated and he seemed to be genuinely excited about the subject. It was an excellent two hours. We had a lot of information thrown at us, both technical and practical. We had a chance to actually play with the self-signed certificates that are default to Mac OS X Server.

I missed two sessions, as they conflicted with others, including one from Mobile Iron a third party company who make a Mobile Device Management solution. Apple just released one called Apple Configurator, which I’m looking forward to playing with along with a cart of iPads. I just worry about the fact that the app seems to be thinking the iOS apps should be volume licensed, when there is no volume licensing for Canada, yet.

The other session I missed was Intro to iOS Development. I’m a terrible developer, and honestly don’t care.

After a tasty tasty dinner, I went to downstairs to the main event room where I wrote a test for certification. OS X Support Essentials 10.7 Exam was the test, and I passed! WOOO! That makes me an Apple Certified Support Professional, whatever that means. It’s a certification that will last until Mountain Lion is released in the summer. These exams were built into the cost of the event, so I took it on a whim not expecting to pass, and without having studied, but WOO HOO I passed5!

There’s many more tests I can take tomorrow, but I’ll only be able to take one more. I can go with OS X Server Essentials 10.7 Exam  which will make me an Apple Certified Technical Coordinator. That will be a much harder exam, which I could probably pass with study, but I haven’t studied whatsoever. I could at the least read the 30 page Exam Preparation Guide.

They also have exams for Final Cut Pro X and Aperture, which have very little actual worth in the real world, I use these apps nearly constantly. They have a Level One and Level Two for FCPX, and I know I wouldn’t get to level two with my knowledge, and wonder about Level One. As for Aperture, I’m sure I can pass it in my sleep. So I don’t know which I should opt for.

Bow ties are cool

In additional to all the fun I had with Passport and AC12, I also sent an email to Wickham House Brand who have a bow tie of the month club. I signed up for three months starting in February and have yet to receive my first tie. I was kinda worried, so I sent an email. I was told it should’ve arrived last week (but I didn’t say I was in Canada, and he answered from his iPhone, so he might not have looked my order up), he suggested I contact him again at the end of the week if it hasn’t arrived.

I got home from AC12 and checked my mailbox, which had been empty every day for the past two or three weeks. There was a notice from Canada Post in there. I checked the notice and saw that Shoppers was open for another 3o minutes. I headed down the street, and got a package, which was too big for a bow tie. sure it was flat, but it was about 12″ squared. I looked at the return address, and it wasn’t from the United States, it was from Halifax… WHO WOULD BE SENDING ME SOMETHING FROM HALIFAX?!?! Then I saw the name on the return address, “Mike O’Neill.”

It was Mike O’Neill’s new record! Hooray! I had figured it would come from Zunior.com owner Dave Ullrich, who lives a few blocks away from me in Toronto6.

Sad there were no bow ties, but WOO! MIKE O’NEILL.

Man I’m tired.

  1. Get *expletive deleted* Done. []
  2. Eww, Scarborough. []
  3. Food did not contain blood. []
  4. which is omitted for good reason, use SSL. []
  5. Students, don’t follow my example. []
  6. I’ve seen him in the street a few times, he never noticed me when I waved. []