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Doctor Who Serial 147 – Dragonfire

I assume this episode is named after the ride at Canada’s Wonderland.

Part One

Great hat.

Oh, the lady gets a lovely hat, too.

Hopalong Glitz is here!

Oh, that’s Ace.

Ace is a rebel.

She shouts out her own name with she accomplishes things? “Ace!”

Why did the Doctor climb over the railing? His face implies that things are not going to plan, but what is his plan?

Part Two

That statue is wearing the greatest outfit.

You know someone isn’t your real parent because they made a bad choice in your name? Apparently Ace is Dorothy.

He’s a friendly bipedal dragon.

Part Three

3000 years? You needed the Doctor to do what that you couldn’t do for 3000 years? Walk into the lair?

That crystal looks like a cock and balls.

That was a very bad and very gross special effect.

Bye Mel! Hello Ace… or as Ace would say, “ACE!”

Doctor Who Serial 146 – Delta and the Bannermen

It’s 2021, and I’m still doing this stupid thing… but let’s GOOOOO! DELTA! AND! THE BANNERMEN!

Part One

Why is Mel excited by heading to the 1950s Disney? They have a time machine.

They look like giant poop emojis.

Was that Jimmy Carr?

This holiday camp must be what The Who were singing about in Tommy. “Got a feeling ’21 is gonna be a good year.”

That Welsh accent is making me think of Torchwood. Doesn’t hurt that last night I watched the New Year special with Jack in it.

I don’t think Doctor Who knows what rock and roll is.

Sara Griffiths, who plays Ray, does an absolutely terrible Welsh accent.

Part Two

It’s a baby!

The Benny Hill music is not making me endear this episode. However when they played the music from the The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.

This guy isn’t phased by anything. Green baby? No reaction. Someone asking to leave his friends with you for a few hours? No problem. Can I borrow a broomstick and pillow case? Of course.

Part Three

Haha, this really sounds like The Surprising Adventures of Sir Digby Chicken Caesar.

Maybe the prisoners wouldn’t have escaped if you didn’t tie them up with something that requires an allen key to get out.

Wow, Sylvester McCoy does not know how to drive a motorcycle.

That onesie bunches unfortunately.

The main bad guy sounds like Harvey Fierstein.

That poor bee farmer’s house.

His honey!!!

Doctor Who Serial 145 – Paradise Towers

Part One

Wow, the late ’80s vibes are strong with this one.

So Mel wants a swimming pool, is that why the Doctor would eventually put one in the library?

Oh, there was a swimming pool that the Doctor jettisoned. So he “builds” a new one.

Mel’s outfit is great. She really needs to do something about her eye makeup though. It looks like she has no eyes, just two holes of blackness.

Also, in regards to the Kangs, I personally voted for Kodos.

Part Two

Who’s the Great Architect? Is it Sarah Lynn?

I feel like I’m in the final stretch now that I’m on season 24 and Sylvester McCoy. But also, I have three seasons to get through.

Also, those guards are idiots.

Who puts a circular saw on a moving robot? That’s a bad idea!

Why does one of the old biddies have a trident?

Part Three

Okay the old ladies are incredible.

The Nazi attire is getting tired.

Part Four

Good thing the Doctor was attacked by the robot with the drill and not the one with the circular saw.

I’m trying to figure out if that’s meant to be an aquatic beast or an aquatic robot.

Definitely robot.

Well, he is a cowardly cutlet.

Thank god there are only two robots. It’s really easy to overthrow.