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Doctor Who Serial 145 – Paradise Towers

Part One

Wow, the late ’80s vibes are strong with this one.

So Mel wants a swimming pool, is that why the Doctor would eventually put one in the library?

Oh, there was a swimming pool that the Doctor jettisoned. So he “builds” a new one.

Mel’s outfit is great. She really needs to do something about her eye makeup though. It looks like she has no eyes, just two holes of blackness.

Also, in regards to the Kangs, I personally voted for Kodos.

Part Two

Who’s the Great Architect? Is it Sarah Lynn?

I feel like I’m in the final stretch now that I’m on season 24 and Sylvester McCoy. But also, I have three seasons to get through.

Also, those guards are idiots.

Who puts a circular saw on a moving robot? That’s a bad idea!

Why does one of the old biddies have a trident?

Part Three

Okay the old ladies are incredible.

The Nazi attire is getting tired.

Part Four

Good thing the Doctor was attacked by the robot with the drill and not the one with the circular saw.

I’m trying to figure out if that’s meant to be an aquatic beast or an aquatic robot.

Definitely robot.

Well, he is a cowardly cutlet.

Thank god there are only two robots. It’s really easy to overthrow.

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