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Drunk pregnant women

My friend E.W. posted this to her Facebook wall, and there was a bit of an outrage. A few days later, CCM and JH were having a debate at a party, whether the same kind of response would happen if someone posted that about a pregnant woman drinking. I volunteered to take one for the team, I don’t think it got the response either of them wanted. Perhaps I just have weird friends who are more interested in Little Britain.

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The Oatmeal presents, 10 Types of Crappy Interviewees Soup delivered to your door (in Toronto),  but the soup doesn’t render properly in Safari, or maybe the site doesn’t. (via Terri) Facebook adopts Jabber for chat protocol, allowing me to ditch the buggy as hell Facebook chat function in Adium. Frank Chromewaves looks at Toronto’s Magnetic Fields show. Yes I’m calling him Frank Chromewaves! Buck 65 & Valery Gore make a song. If you like Buck 65, you might dig it. If you never understood the appeal of Buck 65, but a fan of Valery, you’ll shrug your shoulders and go “meh.” (via Valery Gore) Rick Mercer explains How Parliament Works. Hint:… Read More »Linky Link


So it seems everyone wants to undo Harper’s move to prorogue parliament, and the answer… Join a Facebook group. I have two problems with this. 1) Are we really “Canadians Against Proroguing Parliament?” I’m not (that’s actually why I didn’t join the group). Prorogation has a specific use in Canadian democracy, but this isn’t it. Harper is using this little used bit of Canadian law to get his way. Brief intermission to apologize for the following language. Sorry. 2) What the fuck is this going to do? What the fuck will a demonstration do? What the fuck will writing to the PMO do? What the fuck will writing to your… Read More »Ugh