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Daniel Romano

Daniel Romano

Today on my drive to work my phone decided to play some Daniel Romano. He doesn’t pop up too often, even though I own three of his albums1. His latest album is more country than anything he’s done before. Moving away from the folk of his previous two albums, and the rock of Attack In Black. The song was “A New Love (Can Be Found).” As soon as he sang the opening lyrics, the most country lyrics you can imagine, I was hooked. Some stranger is with her for the first time tonight. What’s a man to do when he just can’t win? I don’t know if this song is… Read More »Daniel Romano

Weather Station, Daniel Romano, & Eons

Last night was the album release for Weather Station’s All Of It Was Mine at CSI Annex, a beautiful basement space on Bathurst, south of Bloor. It had been some time since I last saw The Weather Station, and even longer since I last wrote about Tamara Lindeman’s work; I had interviewed Lindeman, along with Ruhee Dewji and Simon Borer, as part of my final piece for Being There. Back then, Lindeman was part of the group Entire Cities, and they had just released their record Deep River. She’s since left Entire Cities, but that doesn’t mean she’s been sitting idle. In addition to this new record, she’s also been performing… Read More »Weather Station, Daniel Romano, & Eons


Did you know that the word “blog” sounds like the sound one makes when they puke? Well, it does. I haven’t posted here in quite some time. Why? Well, I’m a slacker. I also have a real life, and those things get in the way. So why blog now1? Well, my sister is blogging somewhat frequently… Hi Shira! In addition, my brother has now started a blog… Hi Moti!2 So this blog post will be a life update… Rock and Roll Adam I have tickets to a number of upcoming shows: The Weather Station w/ Dan Romano (Tomorrow)3 Arizona Lily are playing at Rancho on August 274. Wild Flag5 are… Read More »Blog!

Music Monday

Just bought this record… Also bought this record…

Romano, Squire & Doiron

Went to Daniel, Fred & Julie at the Horseshoe Tavern tonight. First up was Jerry Leger who was whiney, and kind of annoying. He seemed to play FOREVER, and I got there mid-way through his set. Next up was Baby Eagle who just bored me. Their frontman is apparently in The Constantines, and I’m one of the three people in Canada who are not fans of The Constantines. Have you heard their side of the split 12″ they did with the Unintended? LAME. Finally, we had Daniel Romano1, Fred Squire2 and Julie Doiron3. Stunning. They were absolutely, unequivocally stunning. This folk trio were able to harmonize and along with acoustic… Read More »Romano, Squire & Doiron