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Daniel Romano

Today on my drive to work my phone decided to play some Daniel Romano. He doesn’t pop up too often, even though I own three of his albums1. His latest album is more country than anything he’s done before. Moving away from the folk of his previous two albums, and the rock of Attack In Black.

The song was “A New Love (Can Be Found).” As soon as he sang the opening lyrics, the most country lyrics you can imagine, I was hooked.

Some stranger is with her for the first time tonight. What’s a man to do when he just can’t win?

I don’t know if this song is positive or negative, and judging by the video below, I don’t think Romano knows himself.

Usually his records don’t pull me in completely, instead two or three songs grab my attention and hold it. Usually not more. On his previous album it was “She Was The World To Me.” The song is much more rooted into the folk world, as he sings “I was nothing to her, but she was the world to me.” He sings his love song to this corpse.

  1. Four if you count the Daniel, Fred, and Julie album. []

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