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Doctor Who Story xx – Farewell, Sarah Jane & Daleks!

Farewell, Sarah Jane Oh, this is a story! It’s about Sarah Jane, not Elisabeth. Apparently every companion came to her service. Haha! Random tricker plot as a side note. This is nicer than I expected. Ace! Clive’s grown up! Aww, Luke has a picture of him with him mum framed. They keep saying him about the Doctor, she’s a she. The Archive of Islos Well, the animation is shit, and it looks more like Star Wars than Doctor Who. Why does that space Dalek have a hullahoop around it? Do you wish to apply for a membership card? Robot to Dalek So far only Daleks and Robots have spoken, and… Read More »Doctor Who Story xx – Farewell, Sarah Jane & Daleks!

Doctor Who Serial 078 – Genesis of the Daleks

This might be the best Doctor Who serial yet. The Doctor is sent to Skaro by the Time Lords. His mission is to stop the development of the Daleks. The Thals and the Kaleds have been warring for thousands of years. The Kaleds are led by their chief scientist, Davros. Seeing that the Kaleds were changing into mutants needed a mobility device. He plans to use this mobility device to be a weapon of mass-destruction, and with genetic modification, remove all emotions from the Kaleds except hate. They will be the ultimate killing machine… THE DALEKS! The episode was rivotting. It was fun. It was everything television should be, and… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 078 – Genesis of the Daleks

Doctor Who Serial 072 – Death To The Daleks

Another episode I’m not fond of. The Doctor finds himself on a planet where the Daleks and a human expedition must team up to strip the natural resources from a planet without the forethought to ask the native inhabitants, the Exxilons. Obviously the Exxilons don’t like this. The show is ridiculous, and The Doctor has work his way through a maze and prove his intelligence, with the Daleks close behind. It’s kinda like that episode of Stargate SG-1 where Merlin has some puzzles that Humans must solve to be able to gain access to his knowledge and they’re basic logic puzzles, like the one where you have to put the… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 072 – Death To The Daleks

DOCTOR WHO SERIAL 068 – Planet Of The Daleks

I got tired of Doctor Who and as such, I stopped watching it for a bit between episodes 5 and 6 of “Planet of the Daleks.” It wasn’t a very good episode, and I’m very tired of Jon Pertwee. I never loved him as The Doctor and I’m ready for Tom Baker. Except I still have 32 more episodes of the Pertwee era. The one thing that should’ve kept me interested in this serial is the fact that The Doctor and his co-conspirators dress up like Sesame Street monsters to hide from the Daleks. This might sound strange, but here’s the thing. There’s another creature in this story, who ally themselves… Read More »DOCTOR WHO SERIAL 068 – Planet Of The Daleks

Doctor Who Serial 060 – Day of the Daleks

Synopsis: Jon Pertwee’s Doctor faces his first Dalek invasion. There’s a man who is organizing a peace conference. An assassination attempt is made. The failed assassin vanished. The Doctor is called. The Doctor feels, the smartest course of action would be to stay at the haunted house and drink some wine. I knew there was a reason I liked Doctor Who. Jo and The Doctor relax and suddenly are faced with a break in by a guerrilla army. They discover that this militia is a group of rebels who are revolting against a Dalek invasion in the 22nd century. The Daleks are using a lower species (who look like Klingons) to… Read More »Doctor Who Serial 060 – Day of the Daleks