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Buck 65

Sonic Boom!

Apparently I’m always a critic. I found a peanut butter cookie to be disappointing, and this led to others criticizing my criticizing. However, that just means I need to be a critic. On Saturday was Record Store Day, a celebration of all things wonderful1. I met with my friend Allegra, and we realized we didn’t have time for sushi before Valery Gore’s set at Sonic Boom, so instead we went to the record store, made our way to the basement, where a soundcheck was going on. It wasn’t Ms. Gore, but instead Lullabye Arkestra. It was interesting, and I might have enjoyed them if I stayed, but I was more… Read More »Sonic Boom!

Linky Link

The Oatmeal presents, 10 Types of Crappy Interviewees Soup delivered to your door (in Toronto),  but the soup doesn’t render properly in Safari, or maybe the site doesn’t. (via Terri) Facebook adopts Jabber for chat protocol, allowing me to ditch the buggy as hell Facebook chat function in Adium. Frank Chromewaves looks at Toronto’s Magnetic Fields show. Yes I’m calling him Frank Chromewaves! Buck 65 & Valery Gore make a song. If you like Buck 65, you might dig it. If you never understood the appeal of Buck 65, but a fan of Valery, you’ll shrug your shoulders and go “meh.” (via Valery Gore) Rick Mercer explains How Parliament Works. Hint:… Read More »Linky Link