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Sonic Boom!

Apparently I’m always a critic. I found a peanut butter cookie to be disappointing, and this led to others criticizing my criticizing. However, that just means I need to be a critic.

On Saturday was Record Store Day, a celebration of all things wonderful1. I met with my friend Allegra, and we realized we didn’t have time for sushi before Valery Gore’s set at Sonic Boom, so instead we went to the record store, made our way to the basement, where a soundcheck was going on. It wasn’t Ms. Gore, but instead Lullabye Arkestra. It was interesting, and I might have enjoyed them if I stayed, but I was more interested in sushi, so “Legs” and I made a quick dash to New Gen, and did up the sushiing2 quickly.

We got back partway through Valery Gore’s set, and did get to see four or five of her songs. It seemed to be a bit of a time warp, while all her songs were from her most recent album, seeing her solo was something that I don’t think I’ve seen since a year or two before Avalanche To Wandering Bear was released.

It was slightly awkward, like those early shows of hers, where there’s nothing allowing her to cover up3 her mistakes. As usual, Gore had her humour to cover up those mistakes and was able to endear herself to the crowd.

From what I recall, and I have a horrible memory, she played “Sparrow,” “Worried Head,” “Consolation”4 and closed the set with her “hit” “Shoes of Glass.”

Gore gets bonus points for excellent new glasses, which as everyone knows, cool glasses are where it’s at.

Next up was Buck 65. I had heard his stuff from time to time, and never really understood why people liked it. I decided to give it a shot, and then I saw Shaun Hatton‘s excellent ‘fro descending the staircase. It was the first time I had seen Hatton since beginning his career as a host of Electric Playground. It also gave him an opportunity to chastise me for not attending the most recent Cobra show. We chatted looked at vinyl, and then went upstairs and found his lovely wife Less Lee Moore. She was more excited by new record purchases than Buck 65. I was more excited by awesome people than Buck 65.

Between sets Hatton, Moore and myself were joined by “Gams” and Val Heimpel of Bitter City fame, and a couple of awesome friends of hers. Eventually we heard some rumblings, once again, coming from downstairs, where Adam Green was playing a set that could be best described as humorous. Nothing I’d ever pay to see, but glad I got a chance to. Green’s dance moves were unparalleled, and though his voice was rather sour his songs were fun enough to entertain for half an hour. Also, found Tom there.

Then I joined Tom and “Getaway Sticks,” along with Val, Rachel and Jean across the street at Insomnia for tea and beer. Mmm, beer. We found our way back during the introductory notes of The Meligrove Band’s set. Since the last time I saw the Meligrove Band, Andrew Scott5 has left the band, and Brian O’Reilly of Their Majesties and The Pinecones has joined. They played songs, mostly from their upcoming record and their latest, Planets Conspire. The Planets Conspire songs sounded great, while the new ones didn’t grab me. They seem almost a step backwards. I’ll hold judgement until I hear the record.

Next up was being joined by aL and Natalia, and a visit to Future’s Bakery, where we ignored Metz playing. Would’ve been interesting to see an entire baseball team on that tiny stage, but oh, well.

Finally was Sloan, but that’ll wait for another day.

Photos was taken at another point in time.

  1. That relate to Record Stores. []
  2. Yes, sushi is now a verb. []
  3. That’s funny with this photo beside it []
  4. You’ve got the heart consolation prize for having just survived, having just survived. []
  5. The one from The Bicycles, not the one from The Sloans. []

2 thoughts on “Sonic Boom!”

  1. You’re only getting away with “Legs” because it eventually leads to “Getaway Sticks.”

    Also, why the introduction re: criticism? You weren’t overly critical in this post.

    P.S. The word verification combination below this comment is “Perjure much?”

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