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Bell Canada

Goodbye Bell

Dear Bell, I’ve been debating parting ways with your service for a while now, as is evidence by my last blog post. I decided to call and ask you straight up. What are you willing to do to keep me as a customer? I called. Contact #1 (10:28am): I spoke with a support agent in the billing department. This woman was nice and polite, and said that there was nothing she could do for me, but transfer me to the Loyalty Department. I was okay with this, and sat on hold for half an hour as I waited for my call to be transferred. Eventually I put through to the… Read More »Goodbye Bell

I’m not too fond of Bell Canada

Got home yesterday, saw a brick propping open the door to my building. Then walking down the hallway, I saw a panel removed from the wall, and inside were telephone cables. I assumed Bell was there doing some work. I went to my apartment, noticed that I had no internet, not only that, on my modem, the DSL sync light wasn’t even flashing, it was just off. I assumed my dry loop was just inactive, as the Bell guys were doing work. I left my apartment, as I had stuff to do, but the Bell bozos were nowhere to be found. When I returned half an hour later, the Bell… Read More »I’m not too fond of Bell Canada