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This is perhaps the best thing The Muppets have done since Muppets Tonight!  

The Rural Albert Advantage

The ever-wonderful, and amazing Jennifer Polk wrote a review of last night’s Rural Alberta Advantage show. It’s a show I really wish I could have gone to, but things didn’t turn out as I had planned.

Ankle: The Font

OMG! I love this! You can make your own font here.

I’m my brother’s snakeskin motherfucker!

Entire Cities are a band of varying mass who’s songwriter and frontman, Simon Borer, has an incredible knack of creating country-laced punk rock, that will easily have the audience dancing. The last time I saw them, they were playing Legion Hall to celebrate the release of their first full-length record, Deep River. It was about a year and half ago when they released that fabulous album, and its found a place in heavy rotation among my collection. Last night was to celebrate the release of Deep River on white vinyl. Over the past year and a half, the band has changed dramatically. Only four members are still in the band… Read More »I’m my brother’s snakeskin motherfucker!

Oh, Caroline no!

Just got this email from my insurance adjuster. Hi Adam, I spoke with the other parties insurance broker and the agent is going to be meeting her their client on Tuesday to take a statement. So hopefully I can get this resolved by early next week. Thanks. Regards, <Insurance Adjuster’s Name> Claims Settlement Adjuster I wonder if his statement will be, “I’m a douchebag.” I really

Jews too are angered.

The Tories are blanketing Liberal-held Jewish ridings with material claiming the Martin Government and Dion’s opposition were Anti-Semitic. I find this interview very interesting as the Conservative MP can’t even get his facts straight and is very obviously avoiding the actual topic. While the Grit MP is clearly on message and able to quickly dispute any “facts” presented by the Tory. There’s at least one Yid I know who’s not too happy about such poor voter-manipulation.

“I Am The Teacher” by The Germans

HistoryJen posted an article for a contest she’s running for free tickets to see Schomberg Fair and The Germans at The Garrison, here in Toronto. She concluded it with the following video by The Germans. I had to post it, too.

The Magnetic Fields in Toronto

It appears the The Magnetic Fields have announced their 2010 tour, and they’ll be coming to Toronto!

The Waters of Mars

I really don’t know what to make of this episode. At times it was silly, but not necessarily in a good way, at times it was dark, but kind of hokey. I don’t really find that the Doctor’s behaviour is really believable. David Tennant’s Doctor is not the Doctor to presume such might over lower-beings (ie. Humans), I could see Christopher Eccelston’s Doctor in that stance, but not Tennant’s. Also, what’s with the burning fire on the surface of Mars? Yes, Mars has atmosphere, but I doubt it’s thick enough to support a burning flame. Though, I did really enjoy the episode.