If I were Phyllis…

My lord, how many times can I post about Phyllis on this blog. Well, once more unto the breach.

Saw Thrush Hermit tonight. You’d expect that a show cannot live up to eleven years of expectations. It surpassed it.

& Joel Plaskett of Thrush Hermit" data-image-description="" data-medium-file="https://www.neverhadtofight.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/IMG_0490-300x199.jpg" data-large-file="https://www.neverhadtofight.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/IMG_0490-1024x680.jpg" loading="lazy" class="size-full wp-image-802 alignnone" title="Ian McGettigan & Joel Plaskett of Thrush Hermit" src="http://www.neverhadtofight.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/IMG_0490.jpg" alt="" width="549" height="365" srcset="https://www.neverhadtofight.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/IMG_0490.jpg 3456w, https://www.neverhadtofight.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/IMG_0490-300x199.jpg 300w, https://www.neverhadtofight.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/03/IMG_0490-1024x680.jpg 1024w" sizes="(max-width: 549px) 100vw, 549px" />

Who you gonna weep on, who you gonna sleep on, who you gonna creep on next?

So I should start with an apology. My post about Thrush Hermit, was kinda horrible. Here’s the thing, I don’t go into these blog posts and think to myself, “what do I want to say?” No! I just write! Yeah! Damn you professional writers and your craft, NO! This is my language and I can write what I wanna write. What was I saying? Giraffe? No. Oh yeah, Thrush Hermit. Yeah, that post sucked. It just kinda ended. That was no narrative structure, it just rambled, and rambled, and rambled, and rambled, and rambled. I had a point. I think. Yeah, it was horrible. It was supposed to say that Thrush Hermit are awesome and equal to more than the sum of their parts. See if I had an audience of more than one1, then I might care more. However, if I cared more, then I might have an audience of more than one2. No, that would be bad. If people actually read this than it might cause problems. They’d expect stuff, and when I wouldn’t deliver they’d complain. No! Settle for mediocrity. That’s my motto.

Now that that’s out of the way. I ask you, all a very important question, but first! First you need an explanation. You see, I have this friend, his name is Adam3. I posed a question, asking, “What should I listen to?” and this wonderful and charming man said “Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem.” I thought, “YES!” Who wouldn’t?

So I want to know, who’s your favourite member of the Electric Mayhem?

Is it Dr. Teeth (keys)?

How about Floyd Pepper (bass)?

Janice (guitar)?

Animal (drums)?

Zoot (sax)?

The new guy, er, Lips (trumpet)?

Their manager, Scotter?

Tell me, comment!

  1. Hi Mom! []
  2. Hi Mom! []
  3. He’s not actually me, we just share a name. There’s a lot of Adams []

Let’s take down Yelverton Hill

Zunior Head Honcho, and former drummer for the Inbreds Dave Ullrich has posted the following to Twitter.

Somewhere in the back of my head, I’m thinking this might just be happening in Kingston1, so I wonder, who’s in for a roadtrip. I’ve got wheels.

  1. Ontario, not Jamaica []

Noosed and Haloed Swear Words

There once was a rock and roll band who called themselves Nabisco Fonzie Thrush Hermit. These four young lads, Joel Plaskett, Rob Benvie, Ian McGettigan & Cliff Gibb traveled across Canada to promote their record Clayton Park1. They had a show at The Opera House in Toronto with The Flashing Lights and Local Rabbits; a bill which can only be described as perfection. I had a ticket to this show, it would be my first time seeing Thrush Hermit live. Hermit front-man, Joel Plaskett was sick. Bugger. At least the show with The Flashing Lights and Local Rabbits was more than enough rock and roll for anyone.

Thrush Hermit announced new dates to makeup for the missed tour, and unfortunately it was on a date I couldn’t attend. Thrush Hermit broke up.

Since then, I’ve seen Joel Plaskett, The Joel Plaskett Emergency2, Tigre Benvie3, and Camouflage Nights4 too many times to count.

Thrush Hermit are not the greatest band in the world. They were hokey and immature and sometimes downright horrible.

There were always highlights to their work, but a lot of lowlights, too. The band seemed stuck in the grunge sound of the early nineties, a sound that had previously pushed their compatriots Sloan to the foreground of Can-rock. The grunge sound on their records seemed more and more out of place as the nineties progressed. They did slowly evolve out of it, and move into a mesh of grunge and pop on their record Sweet Homewrecker. And while you can see a definite improvement in the band on this record, it wasn’t until 1999 when Thrush Hermit released their final album, Clayton Park that they had a record that was a complete departure from anything they had done before, and a complete masterpiece.

Clayton Park is a balls-out rock and roll extravaganza. Yes, there’s a large supply of guitar-wankery, and one must be in the right mood for that form of wanking, however, all 11 songs on the album are damn good! The second half of the album, however is where the band truly shines. It’s all Plaskett, but they create something which is so very unique to the band and their future solo output.

Let’s all get down to songs for the gang.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the Hermits are playing in Toronto. Last night they played at the Starlight Ballroom in Waterloo, and you can watch that show below, I haven’t watched it yet, as I’m seeing them in person on Friday.

  1. Not to be confused with Clanton Park, in Bathurst Manor. []
  2. With and without Ian McGettigan. []
  3. Rob Benvie’s temporary solo act. []
  4. A band featuring Benvie and McGettigan. []

These are a few of my favourite things…

I’d say Finch Garden, but they closed, so I’ll have to go with Simon’s Wok. Kind of a hole-in-the-wall, but damn good Chinese food, oh and it’s 100% vegetarian.

Roti Palace at Bathurst and Bloor is damn good. I suggest the two veg. roti, with spinach and squash.

Alberto’s is awesome, they deliver the best pizza, chicken, salads, pastas, fish & chips, subs, burgers & tex-mex etc! I used to live across the street from these guys, and it was the best thing ever, sadly, they don’t deliver to the part of Toronto I live in.

Who doesn’t love sushi? Mmm, sushi. I go between New Generation at Bathurst and Bloor and Japan Sushi, immediately next door. The former I was introduced to by Julie, the later I was introduced to by Kristin. They’re friends who I now assume have a deadly sushi rivalry.

Sneaky Dee’s is a cultural landmark in Toronto. Where would we be without it? There’s a reason this is the unofficial home of the school’s1 Nachos Club. Sure the Nachos Club is unofficial at the school, but it’s the greatest part of the school. Also, the Nachos Club is only three members strong, but that hardly matters.

  1. The school who employ me. []


It seems that some people seem aghast by the fact that I’ll use the word geek to describe myself. What do I do for a living, “I’m a computer geek.” What do you do for fun, “I’m a photo geek,” or “I’m a music geek.”

It seems that among parts of the population, geek is seen as an offensive term. Yet, not to those to whom the label applies.

Geek is, I’d say the highest level of the quad-fecta of Nerd/dweeb/dork/geek, as it’s the only one without the social ineptitude. In other words, geeks get laid.1

Though, looking at the venn diagram (found above), I can’t actually say that I am a geek when it comes to technology. I’m not obsessed with technology. I generally don’t like technology, I just know it.

  1. Why do I write such things, when I know my family reads this? []

Music Monday

After having Wilco sammiches on the weekend, how about Wilco performing “You And I” on Letterman.

Dan Mangan performs “Robots” at Criminal Records in Toronto, during Canadian Music Week.

Gram Parsons & Chris Hillman trade off vocals in this Flying Burrito Brothers classic. Oh, and Sneaky Pete shreds on the pedal steel.

The Byrds (Roger McGuinn, John York, Clarence White & Gene Parsons) play “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” and “Wheels On Fire” on Playboy After Dark. White’s playing on “Wheels On Fire” is mind blowing.

Sandwich, Sandwich, Sandwich will love you, baby!

Adam, Cari and I visited Toronto’s premiere Wilco-themed Sandwich shop for a late lunch today. Sky Blue Sky, located on Bloor Street, west of Bathurst is wonderful. Though it was understaffed today, we had a bit of a delay getting our soup and sandwiches, but the delays were worth it.

I had:

Hoodoo Voodoo (v)
Asian pear with Gouda grilled cheese sandwich. Must be magic how the pear stays firm. We suggest using our own brown bread.

I didn’t take their suggestion and have it brown bread, instead I had it on their vocalized suggestion which was a cheese bread, and it was damn good. It was a bit odd, it seemed very heavy because of the extreme amount of cheese, but also very light because of the pears. Overall, I think it was a bit too heavy, but I still loved it. I’m STILL full from it, five hours later. That’s worth $5.

I also had a sweet potato and corn chowder, which was also fab.

The Millers shared the same soup, but they ordered:

Wishful Thinking (v)
Big, meaty portabella mushrooms teamed nicely with creamy avocado slices and rings of slow cooked onions on your choice of bread.


Dreamer In My Dreams
Slices of roast beef topped with carmelized onions and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. We prefer to use our Panini to press the sandwich and have the cheese melt over the onions and beef, but we’ll do whatever you dream up.

The Wishful Thinking looked really good, and Cari and Adam both seemed to like it. Adam, however liked his sandwich more, the Dream In His Dreams which to me looked gross and filled with too many dead animals.

I’ll definitely have to return.


Well, we know James Brown is among the wandering dead, perhaps he’s patient zero. I just watched Zombieland, admittedly an odd choice for this night. Overall, I just needed something to make me laugh, and Cronenberg or Egoyan are not usually great for shits and giggles. Zombieland thoroughly was.

Canada Cry

I did a bit of PHP scripting today. I decided to write a WordPress1 plugin, one which turns : canadacry : into    . YES!

  1. The platform which this blog is powered on. []