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Doctor Who Story 187 – Utopia/The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords


Jack gripping onto the TARDIS screaming “DOCTOR!” Is great.

Chantho is a terrible concept.

David Tennant’s gleeful smile at the thought of exploring this world is the best.

I love Martha and Jack together.

Still using projectile weapons at the end of the universe.

The Professor seems to recognize the TARDIS.

The Doctor can be angry, too angry.

God, the flashing of Y-A-N-A is horrible.

I really like Derek Jacobi as the Master.

The Sound of Drums

I don’t think Russell Davies understands how parliamentary democracies work.

John Simm’s scowl face is perfection.

The comical time bomb attached to the TV is so Looney Tunes.

That was a lot of bouncing bullets for a tiny car.

John Simm is perfection!

Jack also having a crush on the Doctor is great.

Wait, when Missy was a lady and the Doctor was Peter Capaldi, why didn’t they fuck and procreate and repopulate the Time Lord species?

“Jelly baby?”

President-Elect? And he gets to fly on Air Force One?

Oh, the old man make up…

Last of the Time Lords

Martha Jones is indeed a bit of a legend.

“I’m traveling with a doctor.” GET IT???? GET IT????

This is the campest episode of the campest show.

Oh Martha, it’s been a year, give up on your silly crush. Help the Doctor and the world, but don’t think of him as a potential boyfriend.


The super old, tiny Doctor in a birdcage is horrible.

Oh god, the resolution of this episode is so bad.

The Doctor is vengeful, and yet he forgive the Master who killed so much of humanity.

I think the resolution of this story might be the lowest point in Doctor Who history. What the fuck was Russell Davies thinking?

Doctor Who Story 186 – Blink

That is the best opening of Doctor Who history, I think. Though it’s also the best episode, too.

“I love old things, they make me feel sad.” “What’s good about sad?” “It’s happy for deep people.” That is the stupidest thing anyone’s ever said, and of course it’s written by Moffatt.

The creepy moving weeping angel, between shots is so great.

The Doctor on the DVD is great, and the guy in the video shop telling the screen “go to the police, you stupid woman!”

I’m surprised that Sally is able to get into the police garage without an officer.

It’s convenient he lives until after he leaves.

I love her talking to the DVD and Martha’s interjections.

Doctor Who Story 185 – Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Human Nature

This story starts so well!

How bold of a lady to ask the Doctor out. It’s 1913, know your place, Matron!

Matron, Martha’s a physician, she might know more.

There’s something about this story that really feels like 1980s Doctor Who.

Creepy looking dude is about to get creepy.

“I said hello,” could you be any more British?

I think the drawings are the first time we knew for sure that the TV movie was considered canon and Paul McGann was the Doctor.

Ugh, little girl with balloons.

I love his parents being Sidney and Verity.

Creepy guy is so creepy!

The Family of Blood

The Doctor ringing a bell to take arms is wrong… that’s why it’s good he’s John Smith and not the Doctor.

“Banes and one of the cleaning staff, there’s always a woman involved.”

The scarecrows could’ve been a great recurring villain.

As soon as she killed the headmaster, a student should have fired.

The panicked John Smith not wanting to be the Doctor is sad.

I love that the ending is that the Doctor was trying to be kind to them by hiding, them forcing him free meant he had to give them their wish of eternal life and punish them.

Doctor Who Story 184 – 42

I just noticed as the Doctor fixes Martha’s mobile phone that she has a landline.

I feel bad for Martha’s mother.

Wow, this is a boring episode. Not as bad as I remembered, but so so so boring.

Doctor Who Story 183 – The Lazarus Experiment

Don’t touch Martha’s undies.

You’re an asshole, Doctor. Martha has more than proven herself.

Creepy dude creeping.

“Do you think I’d spend another lifetime with you?” Wow dude.

Martha’s mother should be concerned by the Doctor.

This episode is better than I remembered. Not great, but not so terrible.

Tee hee, he reversed the polarity.

How did playing the organ save the world?

We’re half way through the season and Martha’s only now a companion.

Doctor Who Story 182 – Daleks in Manhattan/Evolution of the Daleks

Daleks in Manhattan

Oh, those New York accents.

Are the pigs related to the ones from the Slitheen episode?

Pretty rude to walk through a community and talk about the people as if they aren’t there.

*gasp* There are Daleks!

This is my favourite “Manhattan” story…

Panels of Dalek bumps.

Evolution of the Daleks

Aww, I liked Solomon.

“Never waste time with a hug.” Oh Doctor, you’ve never been more wrong.

Oh the Frankensteinian dropping of the bodies from the ceiling.

Now, do they remember their military training from World War I? Or were they injected with Dalek military training altered for a human form.

I want a Dalek gun, those look fun.


Shut up about Cardiff and New York not being the same, this is not the first time a production had to pretend one city was another city.

“They got a whole area designed to look like downtown Toronto. That’s where they shoot the stuff that’s set in New York.”

— Miles, Intern on The Judge: BoJack Horseman season 4, episode 8

Wow, this whole second part of Confidential seems to be about the exact same thing the first part is… Cardiff standing in for New York.

Why did the make Confidential longer when they have nothing to say?

Doctor Who Story 181 – Gridlock

The Doctor is a jerk for taking Martha to New New York. You never pined for Jamie and he was the best companion.

I want some happy.

Martha’s quick to judge drug use while pregnant in the distant future. She doesn’t know how these drugs affect a baby in utero.

Kitty cat!


They shouldn’t write this homophobic cat in a way that makes us want to like him.

Oh yeah, I forgot the Macra were the baddies in this one.

They’re all singing, this is horrible.

The bat person makeup is horrible.

Think of all the exhaust coming up and going down and all those cars he’s opened up.

That highway cleared up really quickly.

So the Face of Boe says that he’s the last of his kind. Isn’t Jack human?

Doctor Who Story 180 – The Shakespeare Code

Okay, the ridiculous witches are great. I don’t remember liking this episode, but that was fun.

Okay, I was right, the episode was titled this based on “The DaVinci Code” which was a horrible book.

The butterfly effect is important and I love that the Doctor just brushes it off. He also brushes off Martha’s race, but that’s kinda an important factor her time traveling and not something Davies is talented enough to address in a children’s show.

Does the author go to every performance of his shows? Why would you should “Author” at the end of a show?

Shakespeare is gross.

The Globe is smaller than I would think.

No matter how bad an episode, David Tennant makes it fun.


That was a good “Harry Potter” reference. Go, Martha!

Not as bad as I remembered.

Doctor Who Story 179 – Smith and Jones

I forgot that we start through the eyes of Martha, and we meet her family right away. I like this.

Martha’s dad’s girlfriend is horrible.

The Doctor giving Martha his tie (somewhat randomly) is awesome. David Tennant is great.

That old lady is the baddie.

It’s really quick why I remember that Martha is my favourite of Tennant’s companions. She is lovely.

The people just screaming because they’re on the moon are ridiculous. Sure that’s unexpected, but I think I’d be more in awe than panic.

The Doctor is an asshole. “Not her, she’ll hold us up.” Though, he is right.

The Doctor likes her.

It’s a good thing the hospital’s backup power was brought to the moon. Otherwise there’d be some really bad stuff happening.

The Jadoon ship design is meh. It’s a troop transporter, I’d make it horizontal, not vertical.

Okay, panic when the Jadoon come makes more sense.

The squeak of the Sharpies is great.

Okay, Martha asks if they’re being arrested for trespassing on the moon. That makes no sense, because they just said that the Jadoon brought them to the moon. So the Doctor thinking Martha is clever.

David Tennant’s Doctor running through corridors is always fun.

How much oxygen did the Jadoon use up while chasing the bad lady? They could have used their spacesuits.


I don’t think the producers understand what makes the show fun.

Also, the way they talk about Freema is gross.

Doctor Who Story x – The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the Bane

Starting off with a voiceover. Not a good start.

The sound is really weird.

Looks like the Gelfling.

Sarah really doesn’t want to know them.

This lady is practically twirling her moustache.

Sonic lipstick, tee hee.

Whoever did that wide angled shot when Wormwood says “Sarah Jane Smith” needs to never work in television again.

“I am everyone.”

Oh, the belly button thing.

“Hello Maria, hello screaming girl.” I liked that.

Some good old fashioned alien repellent.

Oh Mr. Smith.

This is painful. Not sure how many episodes I’ll watch. It might not make it through all five seasons. The good thing is I have Doctor Who season 3 between this episode and the next.

This is a children’s’ show, so I’m not going to say what that sonic lipstick looks like.

Aww, she misses the Doctor. I do, too. I’d rather watch him with Martha, and that’s the next episode.