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Doctor Who Story 217 – The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

The Rebel Flesh

It should be stated that Matt Smith’s era of Doctor Who looks a lot better than David Tennant’s.

It’s Chris from Life on Mars… a show he’s in with the Master!

That gif is reminding me of when the Doctor had an electric guitar. Not looking forward to that.

We need more Dusty Springfield.

This is a very cliched Doctor Who story. It feels like it would fit as a boring Jon Pertwee story.

He keeps on saying cocarell.

This concept has potential, but Star Trek: The Next Generation did that with two Rikers.

The Almost People

Jesus, Doctor, why are you attacking Amy?

Oh my god! After all that fucking time about how the Flesh are people and deserve to live, the Doctor just goes and murders the Flesh Amy. What is wrong with these writers?

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