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Doctor Who Story 214 – The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon


That’s really gross that the entire purpose of this skit for a children’s show is to talk about Amy’s genitalia. What is wrong with Moffat?


Part two is less creepy and gross, but still creepy and gross.


Nixon’s an asshat, but this guy doesn’t sound like Nixon.

The Impossible Astronaut

Aww, it’s in memory of Elisabeth Sladen.

I don’t get why Amy and Rory are suddenly living in England and not traveling with the Doctor.

Nice that Arthur Darvill gets into the opening titles.

So the Doctor is traveling for 200 years without Amy and Rory, and then he comes back for them? That seems so unlike the character. He runs, he doesn’t return. He hates being alone, alone for 200 years?

So they keep on saying stuff like this shit. Like the Doctor is going to die, all of Tenant’s companions are going to die. It’s really annoying and I wish they would stop this bullshit.

The joke about Americans being gun happy is great.

Also, the Silence make no sense, and they never did, I feel like Moffat had an idea and then forgot what it was supposed to be.

Amy’s preggers! Mazel tov!

Day of the Moon

Amy Pond killed her daughter.

I don’t like that this episode doesn’t start where it left off.

Neil Armstrong, walking on me face.

The Silence really don’t work. It is a good idea, but the execution is a shit show.

I like awkward Rory.

I really don’t like that. The reason humans went to the moon was because the Silence needed a spacesuit? No, humans went to the moon because we have a desire to explore.

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