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Doctor Who Story 209 – The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood

The Hungry Earth

Doctor Who loves stories about digging holes.

Someone saying “None of your business” to the Doctor who just wanders in asking random questions.

I like that this episode takes place in the past, but it’s 10 years in the future for Rory and Amy.

I like people kissing, but don’t kiss your coworkers.

Cold Blood

I forgot all about Rory being shot. I remember that he disappeared in the crack in the wall, but I forgot about him being shot. Amy forgetting Rory is horrible.

So much about this episode I really love, but it doesn’t come together as a memorable episode. It’s about Humanity’s worst, and it’s about Humanity’s best. It promises a possible fantastic empire for Humanity and the Silurians living and sharing on Earth. Both sides had someone who was hopeful and striving for a peace, and both sides had someone who was willing to kill for their side. I don’t actually know what is wrong with the episode, and why it just doesn’t work, but it doesn’t. I really wish I could articulate it better.

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