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Doctor Who Story 203 – The Eleventh Hour

Hate the new logo, but the rest of the opening credits is an upgrade… though the old logo sucked, too.

Amy praying to Santa is great.

I like that the TARDIS has a swimming pool in the library.

Matt Smith is great.

The whole eating scene is such a great scene for the wackiness and wonderfulness that is Matt Smith.

The Doctor leaving for “five minutes” and Amelia’s reply of “people always say that” is heartbreaking. And now she’s packing a bag to run off with the Doctor.


Olivia Colman! Oscar winner, Olivia Colman!

Amy is great!

This doctor needs to listen to her staff.

“Do I just have a face that no one listens to? Again?”

I love that Amy is a stripper.

Where to start in that 30 seconds. Matt Smith saying no she hadn’t seen him because he has a new face and then stretches it and does funny things. Matt Smith finding out what a “kiss-a-gram” (read: stripper) is and saying “you were a child 5 minutes ago!” Or “You’re worse than my aunt,” “I’m the Doctor, I worse than everyone’s aunt!” That’s the best 30 seconds of Doctor Who. Bravo!

Doctor, maybe don’t send a lady’s scooter running out of her control… or a giant firetruck to careen down the road out of control.

Oh Jeff being more attractive than Rory. The good news is Rory is the one she marries.

The giddy look on Matt Smith’s face as he drives the fire truck is great.

Yay! The aliens are gone!

Amy is the literal personification of wide-eyed.

I love the new set.

Poor Rory.

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