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Doctor Who Story 190 – The Fires of Pompeii

Ancient Rome… not the first time the Doctor’s been there. I like that they just addressed that. I also like that Amy Pond is watching the Doctor and wondering why he isn’t Matt Smith. Or at least that’s what I assume she’s thinking about.

They’re missing a couple of names from the opening credits. Karen Gillan and Peter Capaldi. I am so looking forward to Amy’s time on Doctor Who, it might be my favourite.

Yay! There’s Capaldi! I wonder if he’s actually the Doctor, and spent some time in Pompeii for fun and was looking forward to his arrival and wanted to buy is old TARDIS.

Good job Donna, standing up to the Doctor.

I like that their walkie talkie is just their hands over their eyes.

I wanna be a Chief Auger. Sounds like a good title.

I’m enjoying this even more.

Amy, don’t steal Donna!

I love how indignant Donna is.

This episode is so stupid, but yet so enjoyable.

Doctor, save your future self.

Peter Capaldi birthing the word “volcano” was completely unnecessary and didn’t work.

The Doctor really does need a companion, and he definitely doesn’t need to spend so much time vetting his companions like he did for Martha.

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