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Doctor Who Serial 192 – The Sontaran Stratagem & The Poison Sky

The Sontaran Stratagem

Were people really this scared of GPS?

Martha! Hopefully this isn’t as bad as her Torchwood episodes.

They’re doing a very old-school Doctor Who trope. Showing just a hand or the back of a head staring at a screen.

Sontarans are ridiculous.

Okay, this is the fourth episode of the season, and they’re already doing flashbacks?

This is a very kids’ show episode.

It’s like original Star Trek with the computers who are defeated with logic.

The teenage “genius” looks like that guy.


The Poison Sky

Thank you, Donna’s mom! That was an easy solution. Though that is not how windshields break, ad it would probably have bounced if she didn’t concentrate the hit with a corner of the axe.

Oh shit, Martha clone’s being nefarious.

I’m really glad that when Russell Davies leaves, Doctor Who stopped relying so much on news broadcasts.

I hate the close ups of the newcasters’ lips.

The “Are you my mummy?” was wonderful!

Okay, taking Martha without her consent, not cool, TARDIS.

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