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Doctor Who Story 185 – Human Nature/The Family of Blood

Human Nature

This story starts so well!

How bold of a lady to ask the Doctor out. It’s 1913, know your place, Matron!

Matron, Martha’s a physician, she might know more.

There’s something about this story that really feels like 1980s Doctor Who.

Creepy looking dude is about to get creepy.

“I said hello,” could you be any more British?

I think the drawings are the first time we knew for sure that the TV movie was considered canon and Paul McGann was the Doctor.

Ugh, little girl with balloons.

I love his parents being Sidney and Verity.

Creepy guy is so creepy!

The Family of Blood

The Doctor ringing a bell to take arms is wrong… that’s why it’s good he’s John Smith and not the Doctor.

“Banes and one of the cleaning staff, there’s always a woman involved.”

The scarecrows could’ve been a great recurring villain.

As soon as she killed the headmaster, a student should have fired.

The panicked John Smith not wanting to be the Doctor is sad.

I love that the ending is that the Doctor was trying to be kind to them by hiding, them forcing him free meant he had to give them their wish of eternal life and punish them.

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