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Doctor Who Story 180 – The Shakespeare Code

Okay, the ridiculous witches are great. I don’t remember liking this episode, but that was fun.

Okay, I was right, the episode was titled this based on “The DaVinci Code” which was a horrible book.

The butterfly effect is important and I love that the Doctor just brushes it off. He also brushes off Martha’s race, but that’s kinda an important factor her time traveling and not something Davies is talented enough to address in a children’s show.

Does the author go to every performance of his shows? Why would you should “Author” at the end of a show?

Shakespeare is gross.

The Globe is smaller than I would think.

No matter how bad an episode, David Tennant makes it fun.


That was a good “Harry Potter” reference. Go, Martha!

Not as bad as I remembered.

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