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Doctor Who Story 172 – Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel


A little bit of back story that will be told in a few seconds in the actual episodes and a few shots of Mickey/Ricky driving a truck.

Rise of the Cybermen

Wow that is the most moustache twirling villain, ever.

Noel Clarke still hasn’t made it into the opening credits.

Just a coincidence that they land right beside a billboard of Pete Tyler.

Hahaha! The bad guy is terrible.

The punk homeless dude looks ridiculous.

I like Ricky’s bubie.

I think the British President is going to die.

Double Ricky!

After two of the best Doctor Who episodes, we get this garbage.


Why isn’t this two parter part of the missing episodes of Doctor Who?

Can I just say that the Cybermen suck compared to the Borg.


That was just completely uninteresting.

The Age of Steel

The Doctor is optimistic that the police will do something against a rich person.

Mrs. Moore is great, and another example of a potentially great companion.

“He will be rewarded by force.”

He’s been Cybered, but he still can’t even walk, poor buddy.

This is the most gruesome mass murder in all of Doctor Who. He stopped them from feeling things and now they are all overcome with the pain of being a Cyberman.

Why aren’t they climbing? Also, how’s Mickey going to land that thing.

Goodbye Mickey, it was fun.

Oh, this next one sucks, too.

Remember when each episode ended with thanks to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation? Maybe the CBC should make its own Doctor Who show. There’s The Great Canadian Baking Show why can’t there be Doctor Who (Canada)?


A lot of Mickey talk.

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