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Doctor Who Story 159 – The Unquiet Dead


I am not looking forward to this one. I remember it being the worst of the first season.

It was a great decision on the crew of the 2005 show to do a teaser before the credits. It’s nice to get a tense moment with the theme music coming in on top of it.

That’s a flimsy coffin. I’d ask for my money back from Sneed.

“The stiffs are getting lively again!” is a great line.

I never loved Rose, but I do like her sense of wonder.

The ghostly vapours actually look better than one would expect.

Companions always getting themselves in trouble. The Doctor shouldn’t leave his companions alone.

Poor Gwen, afraid of herself.

The Doctor is an asshole.

The Gelfling should have just play acted longer that they were good. They were the architects of their own doom.


This entire episode doesn’t seem to be about the episode of Doctor Who just about the TARDIS.

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