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Doctor Who Serial 097 – The Invasion of Time

Part One

Leela, don’t be a jerk. Why is everyone a jerk to K9? The Doctor is rubbing off on you.

Oh, the Doctor is taking his job as President.

Part Two

That seems dumb, trying to take Leela against her will.

Oh Doctor! Don’t break the fourth wall.

The Doctor is evil!!! E–VILLE

Part Three

The Doctor seems to be as reliable of a president as Donald Trump.

That pink and pink outfit is amazing.

How are Time Lords so absolutely useless. No idea how to survive outside for a few days. I’m not saying I’m a wilderness master, but I think I could figure out shelter, food and water.

Wait, so every President of Gallifrey gets a sycophant who is willing to enact any fascist dictate without question?

This guy is in his 10th regeneration… aka David Tennant1 era. He’s saying he’s slow because of that. Tennant was pretty agile.

The Doctor asks, “Do you know what this is?” as he opens his coat up to reveal… a scarf.

Part Four

I really love that crown on the Doctor.

The special effect for the conquerors of Gallifrey is absolutely terrible.

Oh shit, Sontarans! Hit them in the exhaust port!

I really love that they too realized that the shimmering aliens were a terrible story halfway through and switched to Sontarans.

Part Five

The Doctor isn’t the type to hide his identity.

Okay, the Sontarans were incapacitated by the sound. The Doctor could have hit their exhaust port.

Oh Leela, nice throw.

Wow, your panic room sucks so much. The Sontarans got in there with less than a fuss.

Part Six

Why do bits of the TARDIS look like a warehouse?

It’s nice to see the TARDIS pool. It’s a bit tacky.

Leela’s leaving for love… and K9 is leaving, too!

  1. I originally thought that 10th regeneration was Matt Smith, but then I remembered that there’s the War Doctor []

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