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Doctor Who Serial 092 – Horror of Fang Rock

Part One

Yar! There be a fog coming up!

Excellent hat, Doctor.

Once again, The Doctor is accused of murdering a character. It seems pretty cliché, but worse that they did it two stories in a row. They could have prevented that.

Part Two

Doctor Who characters need to learn to believe the eyes of other characters in Doctor Who.

Part Three

The gentleman from the upper chamber is an asshole. I like the man from the Commons. Then again, the Doctor himself is a bit of an asshole.

Leela’s callousness is fantastic!

Part Four

He’s dead, Jim.

Oh, we’re seeing Rutans for the first time. They don’t seem to care about Humans, maybe the Sontarans should destroy them.

That tentacle wrapping around the neck of the Member of the Commons was so hilarious I laughed out loud.

The Rutan sounds too much like a Dalek.

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