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Doctor Who Serial 071 – Invasion Of The Dinosaurs

Season 11 seems to have picked up some of the momentum that I hadn’t been feeling during most of Pertwee’s run. This second serial I quite liked, even though it was ridiculous.

Some of the worst puppets are invading London! They look like someone had a fever-dream and tried to make a dinosaur.

They did something slightly clever with the first episode, it was just named “Invasion” as the cliffhanger was the first reveal of the dinosaurs. The Doctor and Sarah Jane return to London and find it abandoned. They are arrested, and eventually freed, and then discover there are dinosaurs in London.

It turns out that someone who works for the British military is working to bring dinosaurs forward in time to abandon London so they can get a few select individuals into an ark-like ship to head to another planet. But the truth is more sinister. Instead they want to use time travel to change the past and send humans to when earth was free of Humans and so they can make their eden without the problems of modern humanity. By introducing humans. It makes no sense, but it’s a fun episode with terrible special effects.

I really think that ’70s Doctor Who writers were on LSD.

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