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Chester Station second exit

I am so happy I’m not an elected official. I went to the TTC’s meeting about the second exit for Chester Station. My councillor attended and she tweeted this just a moment ago.

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.48.20 PM

Since I don’t seek public office I can tell you the truth. What Councillor Fragedakis tweeted can be summed up as such…


That was not a “good discussion.” The angry man who interrupted the session to proclaim that the TTC would have to buy his house if they wanted to put elevators at the main exit of Chester Station was not a good discussion.

The man who decided to deride the TTC staff for calling the meeting on such short notice was not good discussion. They advertised this meeting weeks ago.

The people who couldn’t comprehend that the details of the “station box” would be provided at the first meeting of the working group, and would be a guideline for them to make their recommendations were not “good discussion.”

I went in to listen and find out what was happening in my neighbourhood. I ended up volunteering for the working group because these people shouldn’t be on it.

If they see this post, though, that will probably rule me out.

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