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Campaign Rally

I did something today I’ve never done before. I went to a campaign rally. Here’s photographic evidence. Ignore that it’s a bad shot, as it was taken on my iPhone. Ignore Kristin’s head in half the shot. Ignore the fact that Councillor Mike Layton is giving me a death glare.


Not only did I go to a campaign rally for the first time, I’ve also donated to a political campaign and have volunteered to help out Ms. Chow’s campaign.

It’s no secret that I think Rob Ford was the worst possible choice for mayor. Amongst the three million possible Torontonians, he’s definitely near the bottom, but we’ve had to put up with him for four years1. Since the election campaign started on January 2nd, we’ve had Rob Ford, Karen Stinz, John Tory, and David Soknacki throw their hats in the ring. That’s a lot of right-wingers. The left has stayed quiet. Three days ago, Olivia Chow announced her candidacy, and finally we have a mayoral candidate who I can get behind. So I decided to go to her campaign rally. I stood near the front, as Kristin wanted to photograph the event… I’m sure she has better photos than this one.

What I learned:

  • O-liv-i-a O-liv-i-a is a terrible chant. Too many syllables.
  • “New mayor, better city” is also a terrible chant.
  • Ms. Chow looks good in a yellow dress.
  • Councillor Mike Layton, her step-son, is supporting her bid for mayor.
  • Deepa Mehta, who spoke before Chow, is fucking amazing.
  • “It’s time to pack up that circus tent at City Hall.” Okay, I knew that before, but I like the line. It’s clever.
  • I feel awkward cheering along to soundbites.

Seriously, here’s the problem, a campaign rally is no place for intelligent discourse, it’s a way to rally your troops, get people excited. It doesn’t get me excited. Tell me about your plan. I’m not here for hero worship and idolatry, it seems others are, but I want to know how you will make the city better. I know you’re intelligent, and I’m putting a lot of faith in you, just tell me what you plan to do. Give me details, and talk to me like an adult.

What do I want to solve that? A debate, I guess. One on one discussion would be nice.

I’m not a member of the cult-of-Olivia, and I never will be, I can never blindly support a single candidate, but I will work hard to ensure that Ms. Chow becomes the next mayor of Toronto, as she is the best option for this city. Just don’t expect me to chant “O-liv-i-a.”

  1. or is it Ford years? []

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