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Poor Pilgrims Island Show 6

Nick Ferrio

Sunday marked the sixth Poor Pilgrims Island Show. Most concerts are very static; Poor Pilgrims differentiates itself by having each act performing at a different location on Toronto Island. Starting at the Franklin Storybook Garden was Peterborough’s Nick Ferrio.

Nick Ferrio

He played some good country songs with only himself, a guitar, and a backing vocalist. Reminded me of Daniel Romano, and that’s quite a good thing.

Nick Ferrio

Next up we went to the Dragon Boat Launch where Steve Kado and friends were performing his piece “2003.” I personally would call it “Steve Kado’s Experiments in Tedium.” It essentially consisted of two notes for over 40 minutes. It was painful.

Steve Kado's 2003

At least the ducks gave us some interesting points, and the confused tour boat driver who was picking up passengers was entertaining to all around.

Steve Kado's 2003

The band was at least interesting to photograph.

Steve Kado's 2003

But that was about it.

Steve Kado's 2003

Next stop was church where we saw Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0… Jesus, that’s a long name. The five woman a cappella band sang some pretty songs.

Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0

Next was Bernice on Snake Island.


We stayed put for Pachamamma, who were okay… for hippies.


The off to a beach on the South side of Wards Island where L Con played. L Con sings in Del Bel, who I’ve yet to see. Her songs were a nice fit to the post-sundown beach setting. Sadly one of the locals didn’t seem to agree.

L Con

Afterwards we made our way to the ferry dock where Eucalyptus played. Their stylings were not to my taste.

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