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Cherry 2000

Roll in the soap

Roll in the soap

Sam Treadwell is having a lovely evening at home, chatting with his android when they decide to have a roll in the soap. If he had consulted his android’s owner’s manual, he would have known that moisture and electronics do not mix. Sadly his android short circuits and dies.

I never actually thought there would be a film about a man’s love for his Fleshlight, but here we are. This man is so distraught by the death of his sex toy that he goes on a mission to find a replacement to upload her personality into. He’s shown all sorts of choices, but none are Cherry 2000, a long discontinued model. He decides to go into the lawless badlands to search for a replacement Cherry 2000. He needs a guide and he finds… Melanie Griffiths.

Melanie Griffiths

Together they fight the bad guys who seem to have no motivation for trying to kill our heroes. Until at least Treadwell finds his robo-fuck, but then Treadwell realizes that he’d rather fuck Melanie Griffiths.

I somehow think this film was originally written as a porn film, but they took out the sex scenes and nudity. When we were discussing what to watch, we knew that it used to be shown on CityTV during late night programming, which made us all expect a lot more boobs, rather than none. If you choose to watch this film, beware, no breasts.

The dialogue was terrible, and the acting only made the film worse, but somehow, I still enjoyed this trainwreck of a film.

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