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The Onion Paywall

Update (2014/04/01):  This doesn’t seem to work anymore, check out this updated post, or see comments….

I’m not a big fan of advertisements. I’m also not a big fan of paywalls. Seeing as I do want companies to make money from their content, I’m a horrible person for finding ways around both these things. I’m worse because I’m sharing.

AdBlock for Google Chrome does a great job at removing ads from everything. However, the Onion paywall is still a problem. I’m also worried about how Canadian newspapers are about to begin paywalls. I had a workaround to The Onion’s paywall, that worked well, until a few months ago. With some Googling I finally found a solution. Once AdBlock is installed, click on the Adblock icon and choose Options. Click Customize, and click edit beside the manual section. Paste the following in and save.

##div[style*=”background-image”][style*=”width: 100%”]

6 thoughts on “The Onion Paywall”

  1. Hey I really appreciate you posting this! It’s really helpful. Onion needs to find a different way to monetize their site. Paywalling is bullshit.

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