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Member of Parliament for Toronto-Danforth

It’s a beautiful day in Toronto. While it may be the last day of winter, it feels like the final days of spring.  Im sitting in Riverdale Park looking at the sun hanging low over the skyline of Toronto  and all I can think is how it exemplifies everything I love about this city, and my neighbourhood. The city is filled with green, and it fades to the skyscrapers downtown. Humans and dogs alike are running around the large open field at the bottom of the valley, while I can sit on the slope taking in the sun for the first time in months. Soon enough we’ll be able to trek out to the island to enjoy the sun, the lake and feel like we’re running away from the city, if only for a few hours.

Tomorrow spring begins, after the poorest excuse for a winter ever, and the first day of spring will also bring a new Member of Parliament for my slice of Toronto. For those unaware, Jack Layton, the leader of the opposition passed away in August. Since then, Toronto-Danforth has been without representation in Canada’s federal Parliament. Today I cast my vote for the first time in recent memory for someone I actually respect and who I want to win the election.

Craig Scott, the NDP candidate took time to speak to me after a town hall meeting and I have to say he impressed me. The man is intelligent, well spoke socially aware and active, and seems to have a grand desire to make change in Ottawa and bring a voice for the riding.

He was able to talk to me at length about what he has done and also what he will do. He surprised me.  The only downside is he didn’t talk to me sooner than he did, as I was willing to volunteer if one of the candidates appealed to me. Maybe in the next general election.

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