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Oscarpalooza – Hell And Back Again

Ugh. This is a documentary about American soldiers in Afghanistan. I’ve heard some stories that don’t leave me with a high impression of US soldiers, and this documentary did little to help that.

This soldier was shot a few days before his tour of duty ended. The film documents his time in Afghanistan and his time recovering at home with his wife.

He’s a psychopath.

He proudly proclaims that the reason he joined the US Marines was that he wanted to kill people. He also claims that the recruiters told him that was the best reason.

Personally if I were a recruiting officer for my country’s forces, I would have my alarms go off with a statement like that. You do not give someone a gun because they want to kill people.

He spends much of his time at home wielding his gun, proudly proclaims that he keeps a gun ready with a bullet in the chamber stuffed between his mattress and box spring at night.

The condescending nature with which he treats Afghani people is horrid, and it just makes me sorry to see the US as the world police.

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