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Those Crazy Liberals

The Liberals are trying to pretend they’re still relevant.
Okay, okay, I actually think they are, and believe that the NDP being the opposition is a fluke. They’re still in trouble, but I don’t see it as dire as others do.
They put forward some amendments to their internal constitution. Time for commentary from Adam.
  • Amendment 1: Elimination of the National Revenue Committee and Appointment of Chief Revenue Officer
    Yeah, whatever… nothing too interesting here. 
  • Amendment 2: Registration of supporters of the Liberal Party
  • Amendment 3: Participation of supporters in Leadership Vote
    I see no point to this. Party membership is a minor $10 per year. If someone cared to vote for party member they can easily. I think this will too easily open up for anyone and everyone to be “supporters” and leave the party susceptible to Conservatives and New Democrats who wish to vote in the party leadership.
  • Amendment 5: Annual strategic plan and annual report  tabled by the National Board of Directors
    Whatever .
  • Amendment 6 (regarding candidate nominations)
    No idea what this means.
  • Amendment 8 (regarding the addition of the National Policy Vice-Chair to the Policy Approval Subcommittee)
    See above.


  • Amendment 4: Participation of supporters in candidate selection meetings of their EDA
    I’m glad at least supporters cannot choose who runs in the riding.
  • Amendment 7: Removing the Leader’s veto over the content of the Policy Platform
    Restricting powers of the party leader would be a good thing.
  • Amendment 9: Election of Executive Officers using a “one member, one vote” system
    Who the fuck said no to this?
  • Amendment 10: Prioritization of policy resolutions using a weighted “one member, one vote” system
    Again… democracy?

They also voted on policy items, such as…
Legalizing and regulating marijuana. A whole 77% voted in favour of this… I fucking agree. I don’t smoke it, but I don’t care if someone above the age of majority does.
Ditching the monarchy. My opinion on the monarchy is that it’s too difficult to ditch, and not worth the effort. Constitutionally to change to the role of the monarchy or Governor General in Canada, we must have support from 100% of the provinces… there is no way in hell that will happen. Nearly every time the Constitution was opened to discussion since Confederation has been a nightmare. Don’t fucking do it. Sure, it costs us some money, and sure Lizzy serves no real purpose, but I don’t care.

That’s about all I paid attention to.

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