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Happy Boxing Day

I’ve been sick for the past two days. Saturday was the worst, I ended up sleeping 20 out of the 24 hours. Yesterday I ended up going to bed shortly after watching Doctor Who‘s christmas special… some time around 7pm.

I woke up around midnight, and refused to move in the hopes I could fall back asleep, I failed, but by six am I gave up on my goal, and instead grabbed my laptop. There I saw this tweet from Dave Ullrich…

I remember last year debating very hard, should I buy Rick White’s 137? See, I had just purchased it on vinyl, but it didn’t come with a download code. That’s something I’d usually remedy with piracy, but since only one hundred thirty seven people know who Rick White is, I couldn’t find a torrent. I was tempted by the sale price of $4.44, but didn’t buy a second copy of his record.

This year however, I did buy 137, and quite a few other albums for only $4.44. I suggest you head over to Zunior and spend some money, too. Support Canadian music.

I purchased:

All Time Favourites
Al Tuck
I’ve heard Al Tuck’s name floating around since his days on Sloan’s Murderecords, but I had never actually heard his music, unless covered by others. This is, I believe, a “greatest hits” if one could call it that. Not a bad place to start.
Buy on Zunior

[audio:|titles=Big O’ Me]

The Inbreds
I’ve been an Inbreds fan for quite some time. Went to see them in Toronto when they played their first reunion show. Later I would see them again after a long drive to Kingston where they played another reunion. This is a collection of b-sides, including some covers like “Cathy’s Clown.” Drummer Dave Ullrich is also the same Dave Ullrich who owns Zunior.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Cathy’s Clown]

Brighter Lives, Darker Side
Dale Murray
I’ve been a fan of Dale Murray’s for quite some time. One of my first times in The Horseshoe Tavern was to see his band, The Guthries, performing. Since then he now plays with Cuff The Duke, and has appeared on countless records playing pedal steel. This is his solo record that I’ve been meaning to purchase for a while.
Buy on Zunior

[audio:|titles=When Its Gone]

City Lights Align
Wayne Petti
This one I’ve already listened to this morning. It’s a Wayne Petti record. If you like Cuff The Duke, the band Petti fronts, you’ll like this record. It’s very simply Wayne Petti.
Buy on Zunior

[audio:|titles=Here Is My Heart]

Darkness -> Light
I’ve never heard this record. it could be brilliant, it could be horrible. Elevator were hit or miss. I don’t expect it to be as brilliant as A Taste of Complete Perspective, but there should be a song or two of brilliance on here.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=You’re a Deep, Dark Hole]

Julie Doiron
I have had a semi-complete illegal copy of this album sitting on my computer for years. It’s never been my favourite of Doiron’s records, a bit too fey for my tastes, it’s also in French, which leaves something missing for someone who doesn’t speak the language. What I was missing however was her song “Le Piano”  which I always love when she plays it live. I figured this was an opportunity to rectify my pirating ways.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Le Piano]

Food for the Moon
Al Tuck
Once again, I know none of Tuck’s music, but thought, why not? Everyone seems to like him, and he did have the best band name ever back in the 90s… “Al Tuck & No Action.”
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Queen of the Isle]

Doctor Ew
Looking through the notes on the record, I discovered that my friend Ruhee plays on the record. This is buy Drew Smith… Drew, get it, Dr. Ew… yeah, not so clever. Drew Smith used to be co-frontman of The Bicycles with Matt Beckett (no relation to the playwright or time traveller). Smith’s songs with the Bicycles were always poppy and fun, so I’m excited to hear this one.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=To Be Your Man]

Hard Feelings
Gabriel Minnikin
I’ve been a fan of Minnikin’s since he joined The Guthries. While I had gone out and purchased all of Ruth Minnikin’s records as she released them, I didn’t even know Gabe had released some solo records until a couple years ago. By then, I wasn’t sure where to start.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Wheres My Tea]

Have Not Been The Same Volume 1: Too Cool to Live, Too Smart to Die
I’ve recently started reading Have Not Been The Same. This is the a tribute album featuring covers of artists like Sloan, Inbreds, Rheostatics, Eric’s Trip, The Tragically Hip, Northern Pikes, Men Without Hats, etc. as covered by Gentleman Reg, The Burning Hell, Great Lake Swimmers, Cuff The Duke, Kevin Drew, etc.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Pop Goes the World (Men Without Hats)]

Heart Attack
This was the first records I listened to upon downloading. Why? It was the first in my download queue. Holy shit, it’s fucking amazing. I’ve never owned a Woodhands album, but always liked them. Never seem them live, but liked the snippets I’ve heard here and there. This dancey-fun record is amazing.
Buy on Zunior 


Hooded Fang
Hooded Fang
I’ve heard fantastic things about these guys, to the point that I even bought it for a friend once. About time I buy myself a copy.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Younger Days]

A Midautumn Night’s Dream
Dale Murray, Nathan Lawr, Ruth Minnikin, Ryan Bishops & Kate Maki
In front of a tour that Murray, Lawr, Minnikin, Bishops, and Maki  did they recorded an album in a day to sell on the tour. I missed either this or the Midwinter tour, don’t recall, but I never got their of the records. Didn’t think I’d ever get a chance to buy it, but apparently it’s been available on Zunior for some time.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=To Please]

A Midwinter Night’s Dream
Ruth Minnikin, Dale Murray, Kate Maki, Ryan Bishops, & Nathan Lawr
See above.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Behind Bars]

The More We Get Together
Harmony Trowbridge
One of my former coworkers did some work with Trowbridge at some point, and he suggested I check this out. Recalling that, I decided to buy the record. What? It’s $4.44!
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=It’s Your Funeral]

Proof of Love
Old Man Luedecke
When I was in Fredericton, sharing a pint with former-Guthrie Serge, he suggested that while in Halifax I check out Old Man Luedecke. Timing didn’t seem to match up perfectly, I think I was in Charlottetown the night he was playing in Halifax. I still haven’t heard him, but I’ve heard others speak very highly of him.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Big Group Breakfast]

The Secret Sessions
I’m not a Rheostatics fan… STOP YELLING AT ME! I just never got into them. Sure, I like everything I’ve ever heard of theirs, but I don’t own any of their records. This is a tribute album feature many artists I love like The Inbreds and Local Rabbits performing songs of The Rheostatics, maybe this will kick me in the ass.
Buy on Zunior 


Sister is a new project by Carla and Lynette Gillis and Ryan Myshrall. The Gillis sisters are probably best known as being in Plumtree back in the ’90s. Their song “Scott Pilgrim” named a series of comic books and feature film. Myshrall is best known as bass player for the Local Rabbits. I was disappointed. The EP didn’t really grab me.
Buy on Zunior


& Her Boyfriends" data-image-description="" data-image-caption="" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-2717" title="The Virginian by Neko Case & Her Boyfriends" src="" alt="" width="238" height="212" />

The Virginian
Neko Case & The Boyfriends
Ahh, Neko. I love Neko. This is her first record. I once took this and Furnace Room Lullabyes up to the cash register at Sam’s and asked, “which should I buy?” I was told to buy Furnace Room, and took his advice. I’ve yet to listen to this one, but I don’t know if I’d be so in love with Neko if I had bought The Virginian. I do notice one of the songs is written by Matt Murphy, so I’m excited.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Honky Tonk Hiccups]

Wandering Midnight
Gabriel Minnikin
When it’s so cheap, why not buy two records by your second favourite Minnikin1?
Buy on Zunior

[audio:|titles=Johnny Walker]

Whale Music
Remember when you all were freaking out that I didn’t own a Rheostatics record? Well, I fixed it… HAPPY?!?!?! Read the book, seen the movie, about time I own the record.
Buy on Zunior

[audio:|titles=Self Serve Gas Station]

Rick White double album I already owned on vinyl, nice to have a digital copy.
Buy on Zunior 

[audio:|titles=Cruel Song]
  1. Note to Gabe: I’m sorry that I had passed over your solo career for so long, it wasn’t mean maliciously. []

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