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#Rocktober30 volume 00 – Montreal

This month (well, officially next month) I turn 30. To mark such a remarkable event, I’m spending every day of October drenched in awesome-sauce.

I woke up this morning, watched the latest episode of Archer and then threw random clothing in my suitcase popped in my car and hit the highway.

Getting out of Toronto was nice and easy. I had my iPod entertaining me through the drive. I put it on shuffle albums and started my Recently Added playlist. It started with Wild Flag’s debut 7″, Future Crimes. Next was The Rural Alberta Advantage’s Departing which seemed appropriate, as I was departing Ontario.

From there we went to Peter Elkas’ Repeat Offender and to Elliott Brood’s Days Into Years which I didn’t even think was Elliott Brood at first. The last album of theirs I purchased, or heard was their debut Ambassador. I haven’t seen them live since probably 2006, and they surely have changed. More melodic, more poppy, more harmony, less punk.

Then came R.E.M.’s Chronic Town and Stephin Merritt’s Obscurities which has a one great song and a few good songs. Unless you’re obsessed, pass on this one.

Then there was Telekinesis, Papercuts, and Dum Dum Girls. All three are great records, and I’d put them in that order.

I’m now in Montreal.

I met up with Kendall at Mont-Royal station from where we met up with her boyfriend Seb and Seb’s friend Steph. We went to some random bar where the waitress listed the beers off in French so quickly that all I heard was Stella. We enjoyed beer and talked about politics and romance and theatre and clowning and computers. From there wewalked to a lovely upscale Indian restaurant where we all ate too much food and enjoyed a good amount of wine.

The booze is flowing, it must be #Rocktober30!

Kendall sadly had to work at 8am, and is a responsible adult, so we went our separate ways.

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