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Jack Layton

Today’s a sad day for Canada, the left-wing, and Toronto-Danforth, the riding where Mr. Layton represented my neighbours and myself.

I never found myself in full agreement with Layton, or his party, but I had respect for what he did. I always found him a better leader of the NDP than as an MP. While I might have disagreed with him at times, or get infuriated by canned replies to my letters, I always felt he was a good voice for Canada’s left, especially when the Liberals failed, leader after leader.

Unfortunately, in Layton’s battle with cancer, the latter won. He’s missed by many. My riding has no voice in Parliament, and worse, the majority of Canadians who did not vote for the Conservative Party of Canada have no voice in Parliament.

To his family and friends, all of Canada sends their regrets and sympathies.

To Jack, you changed Canada, both politically and socially. You made the NDP a viable alternative, you fought for social justice, and you always did it with a smile on your face.

This truly is a “hashtag fail.”

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