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How To Train Your Dragon

A tale of a Viking boy, who’s not quite the Viking-image his father wishes for him. While his village is filled with the strong, big warriors, he’s the weakling of the bunch. More clever than strong, Hiccup is the inventor of the group, but brute strength is what they believe to be the only way to conquer the invading dragons. Hiccup captures a dragon and learns from it. Eventually leading to the discovery that the dragons are enslaved by a mightier dragon, and that they only raid the village to get food for the King Dragon.

The story leads to the obvious conclusion of the Humans deposing the King Dragon, and then Humans and Dragons living peacefully side by side. Hooray! Group Hug! All the bullshit. What they don’t address is the more pressing question, what fills the power vacuum left by deposing the King Dragon? Democracy doesn’t just happen out of sheer magic, it must be demanded by the people, and imposed upon those who rule. This is a trend which would echo itself in history time and time again. The self-righteous see an evil, conquer it, leaving those once destitute with a power vacuum, some new evil arises. Sigh.

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