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We live in the future! Things keep on popping up in my everyday life that just hammer in the fact that we live in the future.

  • I was reading a book on my telephone. (A PDF displayed on my iPhone)
  • Geordi’s PADD is real! Honestly, the real one is quite a bit cooler than the fictional one. (iPad)
  • At my finger tips, I can see exactly where my friends are. (Google Latitude, Foursquare, Facebook Place)
  • The news of the world comes to me, and I can sift through it as I like. (Google Reader)
  • Celebrities talk to us. (Twitter, or specifically.)
  • I can make a telephone call… from a boat en route to the island. (When did cellular phones stop being awe inducing?)
  • I can have thousands of record albums with me everywhere I go. (MP3 players)
  • You can say “Call Mom” and your phone will call your Mom! (Assuming you have your Mom programmed into your phone as “Mom,” unlike me who has his mother programmed into his phone under her full name)
  • You can arrange to have sex with strangers without meeting them! (Craigslist, but don’t do this, this is dangerous)

1 thought on “Future”

  1. Perhaps our current technology isn’t so awe-inspiring, but rather our ability to imagine the future is so poor and limited to tiny variations of our current world.

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