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Onward, Voyageur

I spent five days in Vancouver in July 2010, and picked up a handful of records, this is one of the many.

“Quicksand filled heart” are the opening lyrics to Onward, Voyageur’s self-titled debut record. If that was all I based the record on, I surely wouldn’t have bought it, but the fun pop music with a slight tinge of country makes it worthwhile. If they were a Toronto band, I’m certain they would be playing Rancho Relaxo monthly. They remind me somewhat of what The Cheap Speakers would be if they were fronted by a woman and with a bit less punch. Maybe it’s that Christine Choquette has a similar gruff to her vocals as does the Speakers’ Natalia. Or maybe it’s just not there, and I’m imagining it. Either way, I suggested that the promote for TWM at Rancho bring them to Ontario.

The vocals, both lead and harmony, are usually the draw to the record. But that’s not always the case, “The Leisurely Collapse” is definitely the loser of the record. The lead vocals on the track ruin it as she tries to put on a pseudo-country voice that doesn’t work.

“Eye To The Ground’s” jaunty guitar creates a fun atmosphere reminiscent of the ’90s east coast pop. “Hot Wheel”1 is a heavy rock-pop song which they pull off quite well, while still sounding like the band they are.

  1. I nearly typed Hot Burrito. []

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