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Every Day And All At Once

I spent five days in Vancouver in July 2010, and picked up a handful of records, this is one of the many.

Jasper Sloan Yip’s debut record1 Every Day And All At Once is is foray into sugar-laced pop folk music. It starts off with the bouncy and fun “Kiddo” which sets a perfect tone for the entire record. With a nice mix of guitar and banjo, ukulele and violin, drums, bass and keyboard, Yip’s creates a nice playful sound that where all the instruments balance off one another without overpowering the others.

Yip’s style reminds me of a gentle Elvis Costello, and perhaps for a local Toronto appeal, a bit of Steve Singh.

“Key cuts” as we used to call them in the Being There days would be “Back and Forth and To and Fro,” “Kiddo,” “Shell,” and “Slowly.”

  1. Under his actual name, rather than The Blenheim Street Project []

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