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Last weekend, I went out to the Bloor Cinema to see Sleeper, the Woody Allen film about a man who is defrosted from cryogenic sleep after two hundred years. He immediately gets involved in a political battle, and is running for his life. It is bloody horrible. Woody Allen is not a physical comedian, and he tries hard. As I watched Allen’s slapstick routine as he was awoken from his slumber, all I could think is, “this would probably be funny if Peter Sellers was performing it.” Sadly Peter Sellers was nowhere to be seen, and Allen failed miserably in his attempts to mimic the likes of such great physical comedians as Sellers or Charlie Chaplin. Everything in the film seemed forced. Don’t bother watching it. Go see a good Allen film, like Manhattan.

2 thoughts on “Sleeper”

  1. Really? I always thought this was a pretty great flick. The part with the pleasure ball is top notch physical comedy. Plus:

    “what do you believe in?”
    “Sex and death – two things that come once in a lifetime… but at least after death, you’re not nauseous.”

    You want bloody horrible, try watching “Hollywood Ending”.

  2. Hey Adam,
    Analzying a movie like this is fucking stupid and Peter Sellers would think you’re a prick anyway.

    Go suck on a log.

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