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Our Home On Natives’ Land

Why would Canada want to change the lyrics to “O Canada?” It makes very little sense, especially right now at the end of one of the most patriotic events in Canadian history. There’s not too many times I’ve been in a bar and suddenly had the entire establishment break out in the national anthem, but that happened at the end of the gold medal Men’s Hockey game. The 2010 Olympics, while not as patriotic as the 1972 Summit is a close second.

This move seems to be more of a play for the Government of Canada to get sympathy votes from women voters, when the nation has more pressing concerns, the largest deficit in Canadian history, a government who will gladly put aside the democratically elected Parliament to allow them to govern without a pesky opposition.

Is “all thy sons command” really a horrible lyric? If so, make it “all thy suns command.”


6 thoughts on “Our Home On Natives’ Land”

  1. I have to say, the lyric has always bugged me, even when I was a kid. I actually did feel left out by it. It’s shocking that in our nations history, a daughter has never been in command (at least not one who was elected.) So far, it’s been the truth. Stoopid sons. I think the anthem has flaws. I kind of dig your suns idea. ‘Cuz we are all made of stars. Hey, it has to be true. Moby said it. ;)

    That aside, though, this is a government that has spent a lot of time trying to remove rights and resources from women. I would rather they return funding to shelters than change a few words. I would rather they run women in more ridings. I would rather they get to work on wage parity legislation.

    Oh, and Canadian women won far more medals this Olympics than men.

  2. The truth is that no one’s ever been elected to command. Most of our history the head of state has been a woman (Elizabeth II or Victoria), the past two defacto heads of state were women (Michaëlle Jean & Adrianne Clarkson).

    With the exception of Campbell, all our prime ministers have been men, but to negate Campbell’s role is silly, because never is a prime minister elected. A PM is appointed by the governor general from the party with the greatest ability to hold the confidence of the Commons.

  3. You’re right Adam about Kim Campbell who served as PM for a short time. Glad to see you know your civics. You did learn something in high school.

  4. What about “God keep our land…”

    If we’re changing the lyrics, this should be changed too. I mean, do all Canadians believe in God? or the same God? And what about a separation of church and state?

  5. Shira, I believe the lyric is “Dog keep our land…” They’re talking about Coco, find me any Canadian who doesn’t believe in the wonder that is Coco, and you’ve found an unpatriotic Canadian.

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