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Linky Link

via The Muppet Newsflash

3 thoughts on “Linky Link”

  1. It’s totally right… what a scumbag. The man clearly is not at all concerned that every time he behaves inappropriately with another woman that he is disrespecting the woman he is supposedly with. This is the worst form of human behaviour: being a total jerk without caring about the consequences just because he wants what he wants when he wants it. I will not have that man be the mayor of this city. What a complete, utter asshole. No moral character, no conscience, … 100% waste of space.

  2. Someone might be a great mayor, even if (s)he’s a complete asshole in his/her home life.

    A mayor of a city this big, definitely needs to show him/herself as a good, honest human. That would be nice, but we have no right to go into their personal lives and pick them apart.

    It would’ve been better for him to lose the race based on his policy and work history.

    So where does this leave Toronto? George Smitherman? The man who fucked up eHealth? Do we want him as mayor?

  3. I disagree with you. His own actions came back to bite him in the ass and hopefully save us from him being in office. He’s a bad person, Adam. I would prefer not to have a bad person representing my interests. I am not a bad person. I try to be good. He does not, and doesn’t even care that he’s a scoundrel. I’m sure the rest of them as good-for-nothings, too, but that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna celebrate this asshat’s demotion.

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