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Yoko Ono

Music Roundup

I’ve been buying records like crazy over the past month or so, and I haven’t written about any. HERE WE GO… Belmundo Regal by Radio Radio This hip-hop trio from Nova Scotia rap in the Chiac dialect of Acadian French. Chiac mixes French with words and phrases of the more prominent English. This leads to lyrics such as: Canned tuna, caviar ∙ Michelina, superstar ∙ Marcher sur la Main ∙ Ou marcher sur la ∙ I don’t know ∙ Ini mini miny moe ∙ C’est qui c’qui veut du Jello ? ∙ Si ton sport c’est du vélo ∙ Ben come on baby hello ∙ Saute, danse autour de la… Read More »Music Roundup

Compare and Contrast

This message brought to you by the Liberal Party of Canada, we won’t rape your ears.