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Mac Admins @ Penn State University

I was recently at Penn State University in State College, PA for the annual MacAdmins conference. I was there with my co-worker Rebecca. The two of use presented two topics and they’ve made their way to YouTube.

MacBooks Pro and Windows 7

I recently purchased some MacBooks Pro. Unfortunately at work we’re still using Mac OS X 10.6, as 10.7 isn’t very good in an Open Directory environment. Fortunately the newest MacBooks can have 10.6 installed on them. I used NetRestore to image the computers, and all was good. Except 11 of these computers were going to be used with Hebrew users. You might not know that Hebrew is written from right to left, and sadly Mac OS X is not the most friendly with right to left languages. So I needed to run BootCamp. Here’s the problem. You launch 10.6’s BootCamp and it says that it can’t run on that generation… Read More »MacBooks Pro and Windows 7