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Suzie Costello

Doctor Who Story x – Torchwood series 1

Everything Changes That theme is terrible. Now that I’ve seen Gwen, I’m remembering how much I hate her boyfriend/husband/whatever. Jack! She’s holding a coffee, the dude, just asks if he can have it. “There’s no procedure any more, it’s a fucking disgrace.” Yeah, you’re right. Don’t take other people’s drinks. Hahaha, Jack doesn’t know how to pronounce estrogen. I’m watching a show with Susie in it, This Way Up. Watching it because of Aisling Bea. She’s great. Ahh, there’s the terrible boyfriend/husband/whatever. Gwen is weirdly hot in a white collared shirt and tie. It was midday, why was there a bar fight at that time? I bet her long hair… Read More »Doctor Who Story x – Torchwood series 1