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Thinkin’ Wishful Thoughts, Thinkin’ Wishful Thoughts

Before we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine, we needed to eat. If you’re in the Annex, you’re going to be eating one of two things: Sushi or Sky Blue Sky. It’s kind of ridiculous how many sushi restaurants are in the Annex, but we opted for the Wilco-themed sandwich shop Sky Blue Sky. This was my third visit to the restaurant, the first had me ordering “Hoodoo Voodoo.” The second trip had me securing an order of “Via Chicago.” Of the three, my favourite is still “Hoodoo Voodoo” who’s drippy cheese love and crisp pear was incredible.

“Wishful Thinking,” my latest selection is a close second. The meaty portobello mushrooms were fantastic and beautifully paired with avocado and onion. They even added a checkered wrapping which just adds to the class.

So, to summarize…
Hoodoo Voodoo: 7/10
Wishful Thinking: 6.5/10
Via Chiago: 5/10

If I could go back in time, I’d probably up the rating of Hoodoo Voodoo up to an eight, but I cannot, so these are scaled to my initial reactions of Hoodoo Voodoo.

In addition, I should mention that this time, I paired the sandwich with a cucumber and mint salad, which was the best part of the meal, and that’s saying a lot.

Stop! Sandwich Time!

Over the weekend, I went to Sky Blue Sky again. For those who don’t remember Sky Blue Sky is the Wilco-inspired sandwich shop in The Annex.

This time I went with Via Chicago.
Roasted onion and chick peas with a hint of curry topped with mango chutney and a tomato on the bread of your liking.

The lovely man who I believe owns the place, suggested I try it on the french bread, I was more than happy to take his suggestion.

Ooh! Depth of field. Wait, I’m supposed to talk about the sandwich.

I was asked to rate the Hoodoo Voodoo by someone, a while ago, I don’t remember who, but I gave it a 7/10. On that same scale, I’d rate Via Chicago a 5/10. It’s damn good, but I think I wasn’t necessarily in the right mood for the chickpeas, and we all know chickpeas have a very overpowering taste.

Five more vegetarian sammiches to try.

Sandwich, Sandwich, Sandwich will love you, baby!

Adam, Cari and I visited Toronto’s premiere Wilco-themed Sandwich shop for a late lunch today. Sky Blue Sky, located on Bloor Street, west of Bathurst is wonderful. Though it was understaffed today, we had a bit of a delay getting our soup and sandwiches, but the delays were worth it.

I had:

Hoodoo Voodoo (v)
Asian pear with Gouda grilled cheese sandwich. Must be magic how the pear stays firm. We suggest using our own brown bread.

I didn’t take their suggestion and have it brown bread, instead I had it on their vocalized suggestion which was a cheese bread, and it was damn good. It was a bit odd, it seemed very heavy because of the extreme amount of cheese, but also very light because of the pears. Overall, I think it was a bit too heavy, but I still loved it. I’m STILL full from it, five hours later. That’s worth $5.

I also had a sweet potato and corn chowder, which was also fab.

The Millers shared the same soup, but they ordered:

Wishful Thinking (v)
Big, meaty portabella mushrooms teamed nicely with creamy avocado slices and rings of slow cooked onions on your choice of bread.


Dreamer In My Dreams
Slices of roast beef topped with carmelized onions and a slice of sharp cheddar cheese. We prefer to use our Panini to press the sandwich and have the cheese melt over the onions and beef, but we’ll do whatever you dream up.

The Wishful Thinking looked really good, and Cari and Adam both seemed to like it. Adam, however liked his sandwich more, the Dream In His Dreams which to me looked gross and filled with too many dead animals.

I’ll definitely have to return.