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Take This Waltz

Once again, Sarah Polley exhibits her uncanny ability to rip your heart right out of your ribcage and give it a thorough thrashing. Polley’s second film as director is a tale of a Margot (Michelle Williams) a woman who in Cape Breton mets Daniel (Luke Kirby). They get to know one another en route back to Toronto and opt to share a cab back to their homes. Turns out they’re neighbours in West Queen West, and while they quickly fall for one another, as Margot leaves the cab, she feels the need to inform Daniel that she’s married.

Her husband Lou (Seth Rogen) is a chef working on a cookbook, and invites his very Jewish family over to test out his recipes, and the audience meets his sister Geraldine (Sarah Silverman). A recovering alcoholic, wife, and mother, Geraldine is Margot’s closest confidant. She’s also an eagle-eyed friend and sees the trouble brewing before any other third party.¬†Sadly, Margot and Daniel are falling in love.

Take This Waltz shows very human relationships as these characters struggle with communication issues, and struggle to find happiness in their lives. They don’t know where to go, and Margot doesn’t know how find her happiness. She goes looking for it in another man, but it only amplifies her own inner turmoil, but at least it brings it to the surface to be addressed.

The film is shot beautifully and shows Toronto in a fantastic light. The romantic pool scene between Daniel and Margot is shot so well, that you could watch hours of that footage without getting bored. As Margot and Daniel take the monorail at Lester B. Pearson International Airport, you’re just looking at pure beauty… at an airport. Polley, an accomplished actor, proves once again that her skills as a director is not limited to her work with her performers, but has an all-around skill that is so rewarding to the audience.

Besides a few geographical inconsistencies1 this film is absolutely fantastic. I cannot recommend this any more.

Now I think I’ll go watch her previous film Away From Her and cry some more.

  1. Someone can actually fall asleep on a flight between Montreal and Toronto? Really, you walk from West Queen West to Little Italy and only THEN get on the TTC? Going for a quick coffee in Kensington when there’s tons of coffee shops just west in Parkdale? []

The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee by Sarah Silverman

Judging by the time, I’m going to guess that I’m somewhere over Saskatchewan12, and so far I’ve read more than half of Sarah Silverman’s debut book The Bedwetter. Last night3, I took a walk along the Danforth in Toronto to visit the bank, and on my way back, I popped into Book City.

I had two books to take with me on my trip, and though my trip is only five days, I tend to pound through the reading while on vacation, and if I’m going to attempt to visit a beach, I’ll need to find a way to not get bored, because beaches are boring. So here, I sit, laptop on tray, with a Canadian in hand4, pondering the meaning of Sarah Silverman’s book.

For those uninitiated, Sarah Silverman is a Jew. Oh, and she’s also a comedian, but do you really need to add that? Jew and comedian are practically synonyms, just look at me, and my hilarious Jew-ways. Silverman is the front-woman of her hilariously outrageous show The Sarah Silverman Program, and created the outstanding DVD of her standup Jesus is Magic.

The book is an autobiography, and though there don’t seem to be any major life altering events, it’s still an interesting read. Silverman’s humour shines through. It perfectly excels at what it aims to be, bathroom reading to make you laugh. The only difference being that I read it on an airplane rather than on the crapper.

OH! I think we’re over Alberta now, I see mountains.

That was a fun trip. I took the SkyTrain into the city, and my god, the TTC could learn a thing or two from Vancouver. Then I took a short bus5 around to the area where my hotel was. I was slightly confused by the walk, but it was cool. The hotel wasn’t ready for me yet, so I had to wait, I stowed my bag and headed to the beach!

So, here’s the thing about Vancouver’s beach versus Toronto’s beach. It’s a real beach. Theirs is on a bloody ocean, ours is on a lake, sure it’s a GREAT lake, but it’s a lake. It also kinda smells6.

While I was on the beach, I continued reading, and even finished the book. Hooray! The book continues and gets more into her career than into just her early life. It’s really more of the same, however what I really liked was the chapter about her being a Jew. Did you know she’s a Jew?

  1. Send someone to fetch us, we’re in Saskatchewan.” – Kermit The Frog & Fozzie Bear []
  2. Yup, it looks flat and boring out there. []
  3. Well, two nights ago, if you’re reading this when it’s posted and not when I wrote it. []
  4. Mmm, mediocre lager. []
  5. Not a school bus, but the buses we in Toronto use for Wheel-Trans. Weird. []
  6. Lake Ontario, not the Pacific Ocean []